A Poodle Who Brings Joy To Patients And Hospital Staff

The Love From A Poodle Helps Uplift Patients Spirits

There is a four-legged hero that comes to Littleton Adventist Hospital and that hero is A Poodle Who Brings Joy To Patients And Hospital Staff. What I have to point out here is not only does the poodle nicknamed “doctor dog” help raise the spirits of the hospital patients, but also brings a much needed lift to the Nurses and other staff members as well. Check out the story below about how much of an impact the loving care and warm, friendly nature of a therapy dog can have by reading about A Poodle Who Brings Joy To Patients And Hospital Staff.

Caby, which is short for Cabernet Sauvignon, seems perfectly at home in her role as “Doctor Dog,” one of the 9-year-old poodle’s several nicknames. Twice a month, the fluffy black pup dons her official ID badge and prances through the halls of Littleton Adventist Hospital, spreading joy through her mastery of bedside manner.

Caby and her owner, Sandra Berkley, began volunteering for the hospital’s pet visitation program four years ago. The initiative arranges for dog-and-owner teams to travel from room to room, spending time with patients.

“It’s just a wonderful program to be involved in, for me and for Caby as well. She actually looks forward to coming,” Berkley said.

The visiting dogs work wonders to improve most patients’ moods. Berkley shared a story recently about another dog-and-owner tandem that went into the room of an unresponsive man. When the man’s hand was placed on the dog’s head, he opened his eyes.

“We know that pets, particularly dogs, really help people heal. People respond beautiful to animals,” said Catherine Bartley, the hospital’s manager of volunteer services.

Beyond all of the medicine and the treatments one can receive, sometimes it’s the simplest form of healing that is the loving touch of an animal and the kindness of unconditional love that a poodle can bring that makes the most difference in a patient’s day. I know from much personal experience of the power animals have to turn your mood around when you have had a tough day. There is nothing as healing as getting some puppy love or poodle love, as it is the case here with Caby, A Poodle Who Brings Joy To Patients And Hospital Staff.

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