Puppy Therapy Helps Law School Students Ease Stress

Here’s an example of how Puppy Therapy Helps Law School Students Ease Stress. Almost everyone loves to be around puppies, and some law school students at George Mason University are no exception. According to WTOP, the students at the Arlington campus of GMU are encouraged to take a “puppy break” and play with the litters of puppies that are gathering in Hazel Hall.

Debbie Marson, of Forever Home has been bringing in the puppies and the students love to have the cuddling break from the stressful tension of their studies. It’s a soothing experience for the students and it’s great for the puppies as they get some socialization as well.

From the WTOP article, you can read an excerpt here from the article about how Puppy Therapy Helps Law School Students Ease Stress.

And for now, instead of guzzling lattes and flipping through flash cards, they’re encouraged to pick up the puppies and start snuggling.

Second year law student Lauren Brice cradles a hound mix in her arms. “It’s very soothing. You can’t really be stressed looking at these puppies.”

Debbie Marson with “A Forever Home” dog rescue in Reston says that’s just the idea. She started bringing puppies to the law school’s Arlington campus last spring at the suggestion of a neighbor who happens to work at GMU.

“It’s great for the puppies because they get socialization. It’s great for the students because they get to decompress. And it’s great because for us because it gets the word out about our rescue group,” Marson says.

One group of students jokes it might be nice to have the puppies in the room during finals. “No one dislikes puppies,” says one second year student.

As you can imagine, holding a sweet and cuddly puppy can be an extremely welcome break to those studying the law school textbooks and preparing for a final exam. This practice of bringing the lovable sweet puppies into the University campus will most likely catch on as the word around the school is that Puppy Therapy Helps Law School Students Ease Stress.

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