Grain Free Pet Food For Your Poodle

Fortunately for pet owners and poodle owners alike, there are a wider variety of choices for your dog and we now know that it is better to serve up a quality brand of Grain Free Pet Food For Your Poodle. Since your poodle does better from a meat based diet rather than a plant based diet, it is in your pet’s best interest to get a dog food that is grain free.

What is in that bag of kibble you are getting? The label might be nice to look at or the brand may be a familiar big name brand, but what’s inside? If one of the first ingredients does not say beef or chicken and instead it says something like meat by-products or meat-meal, put it back on the shelf. Let’s start to take a closer look at the ingredients of the food we are giving to our dogs and make sure you are getting a Grain Free Pet Food For Your Poodle.

grain free dog food

It is easy to run into the supermarket and grab a bag of dog food; filling a bowl with kibble every morning becomes a mindless act. But Bark_n_Purr manager Sandy Schultz urges pet owners to take a closer look at the nutrition label of the pet food they are buying. Schultz said pet owners may be unknowingly feeding their pets food laden with ingredients such as recycled transfat grease and old grains covered in mold.

“What you feed your pet directly affects their health, longevity and temperament,” Schultz said.
According to Schultz, the first item listed on the dog or cat food should be a named meat meal, such as rabbit, chicken or lamb. Meal refers to meat in which the moisture is removed.

“If you just see ‘meat meal’ on the ingredient list, that is the lowest grade protein you can buy,” Schultz said. “But if it says ‘lamb meal,’ it is actually specifying which animal it came from, which means it’s higher grade.”

Schultz said that pet owners should analyze the protein and fat levels in the pet food they are buying. She said the protein level should be 22 percent or higher for dogs and 34 percent or higher for cats. But Schultz warns customers to be wary of proteins that come from plants.

“Animals don’t handle proteins from plants as well as meats,” Schultz said. “Eating these proteins tends to cause upset stomachs for pets.”

Advertising and theater junior Kate Griffiths recently decided to feed her Australian shepherd, Scout, a more protein and fat-rich diet because he was experiencing stomach problems.

“Given what I’ve read about pet food, I want to feed him grain-free [food] because dogs don’t need carbohydrates,” Griffiths said. “Feeding him food enriched with grains is like if I eat fast food: I feel gross and tired. But if I eat healthily and cook for myself, I have energy.”

Praising the powers of a grain-free diet, Schultz said that carbohydrates inhibit a dog’s ability to use stored fat for energy. Schultz said cats do not produce the enzyme needed to digest carbohydrates, and thus cats will grow fatter because their body is designed not to feel full until they have eaten enough meat.

Ultimately Schultz believes raw pet food diets are the healthiest choice for owners. A raw diet emphasizes raw meat, vegetables, bones and fruit. Schultz said that though a raw diet is more expensive, the positive effects of the diet directly lead to a lower veterinarian bill. According to Schultz, pets who consume a raw diets have better muscle tone, higher activity levels, reduced shedding, reduced solid waste output and shinier coats.

The benefits of a Grain Free Pet Food For Your Poodle will be huge when compared to feeding poor quality commercial dog food to your poodle. You will have a healthier more energetic dog and he or she will live longer as well.

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  1. I was on twitter the other day and saw a speaker advocating the benefits of a gluten-free diet for dogs. I guess in the end this is what they would have eaten prior to mass food production. On the other hand, there is a company out in California that is promoting a vegan dog food. I did not understand that one at all. It seems to be responding to the hype of the media more than the need of the animal

    • admin says:

      Yes, that could be the case. I don’t quite get how vegan food would be good for dogs, but it’s possible, if
      the food still has a proper balance of protein and nutrients from many good sources.

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