What Is The Best Dog Food For Your Poodle

Today, with more choices than ever when it comes to dog food, you probably find yourself asking the question What Is The Best Dog Food For Your Poodle? That’s understandable, considering all of the dog food choices among the many types and many different brands of dog food. And not every dog breed is the same, and they require different nutritional needs, as well as individual tastes. Some poodles are very picky and will only eat the foods that appeal to them.

Here’s a brief excerpt from an article about today’s dog food brands and types of food available to help you decide on What Is The Best Dog Food For Your Poodle.


What Type Of Dog Food Is The Best For This Poodle?

(MNN.com) — Dogs don’t exactly have discriminating tastes. Many will even eat their own poop. What dogs do have working in their favor is a multibillion-dollar pet food industry vying for a place in their food bowls. The ever-growing list of options — all natural, holistic, organic, human-grade — can cause plenty of consternation among pet owners. Here are a few tips to help identify the best food option for your pets:

Read the label

Avoid falling for fancy descriptions that promise holistic or human-grade ingredients and focus instead on brands labeled “complete and balanced” by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This organization sets guidelines that help ensure pet food has been formulated to cover basic nutritional needs. You will find this label on many of the tried and true brands that have long occupied pet food shelves at your local grocery store.

“These are companies that have done the research — hundreds of pages of studies — proving the quality of their food,” says Dr. Annie Price, owner of Ormewood Animal Hospital in Atlanta. “With a lot of over-the-counter, high-end food, there is no research to back what they claim as true. That’s not to say it’s not good food; we just have to be careful.”

To help dog lovers navigate the food aisle, Dr. Jennifer Coates, a Colorado-based veterinarian and pet nutrition blogger with PetMD.com, worked with Hill’s Science Diet pet food company to create an interactive nutrition guide called “MyBowl.” Like the food pyramid, MyBowl breaks down the percentage of carbohydrates (50 percent), fats and oils (25 percent), and proteins (25 percent) dogs need as part of a complete and balanced diet.

“In the past you just grabbed whatever was on the shelf, and that’s not the case anymore,” Coates says. “Choice isn’t always a good thing; it does make for more confusion.”

When it comes to proteins, Coates tells clients to look for a predominance of food that sounds like what they would want to eat. Ingredients are listed based on quantity, so look for high-quality proteins to be listed among the first few items. Price adds that pet owners should buy food based on the appropriate life stage, particularly during those puppy years, and seek formulas specifically made for your breed.

“If you buy puppy food that has not been broken down into breed sizes, you can have problems,” Price warns. “A German shepherd does not grow the same as a toy poodle. Large and giant breed dogs are prone to juvenile skeletal cartilage issues that we can prevent by having them on a proper diet.”

The same rule applies to senior formulas. Pet food companies have upped their game by offering formulations with fewer calories and supplements such as fish oil to support joint health.

Just try to pay attention to labels and also try to pick a brand that has integrity with regards to the quality of the ingredients and make sure they do not use too many meat by-products or get ingredients from China. There have been too many dog food scares and pet food recalls lately so there’s reason for concern. So, I hope this post will help a little bit as far as Today, with more choices than ever when it comes to dog food, you probably find yourself asking the question What Is The Best Dog Food For Your Poodle?

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