When Your Poodle Has Bad Breath

We adore our poodles and our pets, but sometimes they can have a kiss that can smell pretty awful. Here’s what to do When Your Poodle Has Bad Breath. It is very common in dogs to have foul breath and it is not only unpleasant for us humans, but it can be a sign of potential health problems for the poodle as well. Disease can begin in the mouth and lead to some pretty serious health situations, so lets nip this in the bud with some simple prevention and When Your Poodle Has Bad Breath, it can easily be eliminated or greatly reduced with some brushing.


Does my breath really smell that bad?

First, the very best “treatment” for pet oral health is at-home preventative care. You brush your own teeth every day, don’t you? You can brush your pet’s teeth, too.

And with the pet-specific brushes and cat and dog-friendly toothpaste flavors available these days, not only can this be a simple task to accomplish, but one Bella may actually enjoy. The Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine has an excellent video on its website that can teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. Just Google it.

There are also some great ancillary products you can add to your dog’s routine to help tackle the tartar, such as dental chews and water additives. Ask your veterinarian to recommend the products he or she feels would be best for Bella.

Of course, sometimes prevention isn’t enough or hasn’t been done enough and dental disease sets in. You may ask, “Dental disease in a 4-year-old dog?” Believe it or not, more than 70 percent of cats and dogs show signs of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old.


Naturally, many people already know about this, but so many poodle and dog owners do not. Don’t wait until you get to the point When Your Poodle Has Bad Breath, to start brushing your dog’s teeth, and if the dog already has smelly breath, then you definitely need to do this or it could mean serious problems down the road like gingivitis or even¬†abscesses in the dog’s mouth.

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Here’s an excellent how-to video I found on tooth brushing for dogs that I think you may find helpful.



If you need a good dog toothbrush, you can get it here at Amazon:





  1. carol says:

    my poodles are on can food lamb and rice one is prescription he had stones..the vet said can food only….but there breath smellslike fish dead fish..brushing is a nightmare I use a wash cloth with paste on it try to clean teeth and tongue..not enough help..one is 5 years the other is 4 years, 4 year old was a premmie..had stones, lens in eye when he was only 1 year cataract real bad..he is my baby.. but there teeth are not bad a ittle tatar..the vet heckeds them..have not told them about breath…real bad??????????

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