Poodle Health And Nutrition

Every poodle owner wants the best for their animal companion and we wanted to share some important facts about Poodle Health And Nutrition with our dear friends and readers. In a recent article, veterinarian Michelle Delbeqc offers some tips to people on what are some of the most important concerns with regard to your pets health. Two of the key points she mentions are dental health and obesity. For more about this and other facts about Poodle Health And Nutrition, read more from the original article written by Anne Mazar about both the holistic and traditional veterinarian approaches to your poodles and pets health issues.

poodle health and nutrition

Keeping your poodle healthy is a must

Michelle Delbecq, veterinarian at the Mendon Animal Clinic finds that the two biggest problems affecting the health of animals are obesity and dental disease. She explains, “Obesity causes and exacerbates many of the same issues in our pets as in huma. Musculoskeletal problems are very common – knee, back, and hip problems. Cats are at a much higher risk of developing diabetes. Brachycephalic breeds of dogs (pugs, bull dogs etc) have increased respiratory problems.” Keeping cats and dogs at their ideal weight and exercising is crucial and can save you money and visits to the vet. Dogs need exercise everyday.

“Dental disease causes pain and infection of tooth roots, gums and surrounding bone. It also can cause systemic problems – for example infection and inflammation of liver and kidneys,” say Delbecq. She suggests brushing or wiping their teeth daily. Certain chew toys and treats can also be beneficial. It will also greatly improve your pet’s breath. Visit the American Veterinary Dental College website for easy-to-use information on pet dental care www.avdc.org.

With regards to diet, animals need to be fed food that will fill their dietary requirements, not yours. If you are feeding commercial food to your pet, Delbecq says to make sure it is labeled, “feeding trial tested using the guidelines of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to be nutritionally complete.” Meeting the standard of AAFCO is not as thorough as the trial tested AAFCO approval. Delbecq warns, “… There is a lot of competition in the pet food market, which comes with much hype and misinformation.”

When it comes to Poodle Health And Nutrition, it can be confusing. There are hundreds of brands and types of dog food and many companies competing for your business. I prefer to avoid most, if not almost all of the commercial brands of food for my poodle and combine a home-made recipe of vegetables, some rice and cooked chicken. We also feed Lucy, our poodle, some raw food as well.

If you ever really want to learn more about the best kind of dog food and what to avoid, check out Dog Food Secrets! You will be shocked and amazed at some of the information, and how you can extend the life of your poodle by avoiding certain kinds of foods and feeding it the right food.

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