Poodle Mix Dogs Are Helping Kids With Autism

At Spanish Fort High School in Baldwin County, Alabama, a special project is in place for severely autisitic children tha brings the love of a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle to these special needs children. Here at this school a new project called “Pawtism” is a part of the daily life, where these Poodle Mix Dogs Are Helping Kids With Autism.

The two poodle-mix breed dogs are highly trained service dogs who can handle the environment well and deal with the unpredictability of children who have severe autism. Sometimes these kids might be a little rough with the animals, but the dogs are trained to be tolerant of the children and do not react aggressively at all.

The following comes from a recent news article found online at www2.wkrg.com, and it discusses how these two wonderful Poodle Mix Dogs Are Helping Kids With Autism at this High School, and about the new Pawtism program.

Special needs students at Spanish Fort High School give a lot of hugs, during once-a-week visits from service dogs, Piza, a Goldendoodle, and Raja, a Labradoodle. The dogs are brought specifically to the students with severe autism, as part of what is called the Pawtism Project. The Pawtism Project started this school year as a partnership between Spanish Fort students, and dogs that are being trained at Puppy University, a dog training school in Daphne.

Puppy University trainer, Carol Turberville says these visits benefit the students and the dogs. “We could see the connection made with the kids. We could see the benefits it gave them. It was a one day things that grew into what it is now. We don’t see any stop to this in the future. It’s been such a great thing.”

I loved this story and I hope that you did too. One of the things I took away from this story is about that the bond or connection that dogs can have with children. Since these service dogs are just there for the children with unconditional love and without any judgment, it is very special and it is really quite therapeutic to be around for these kids. Many of the children have not been able to be around dogs and although some are a little scared of the two pups, I’m hoping they will come around as well.

I was happy to find this story and to be able to share about how the two Poodle Mix Dogs Are Helping Kids With Autism, and I am happy for the kids at this school that there is a program like this available to them. It is things like this that can have a powerful impact on a child’s life and can help them to overcome some of their problems with growing socially and emotionally.

Here’s a Video about the “Pawtism” project



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