Traveling With Your Poodle

Now that the whole world has heard the story of Mitt Romney and his dog strapped to the car roof, we all know about the wrong way to take a dog for a car ride. With that in mind, if you are going to be Traveling With Your Poodle in the car, you want to make sure that you are traveling safely, whether it’s a long journey or a trip around the block.

Depending on your poodles or dogs size, you may want to consider a few options as far as travel accessories that are available. Now, more than ever, there are quite a lot of options and many pet stores are carrying a vast line of dog travel products that are capable of keeping your dog secured nicely when taking your dog for a ride.

There are various travel pet beds, seat belts and travel harnesses as well as booster seats too. It is a good idea to bring your dog into the pet store to see what is the best of these options. Traveling With Your Poodle should be easy and fun and your dog should be protected in case of a short sudden stop or an accident.

poodle traveling in a car

This looks like fun but when traveling with your poodle, you should probably not do this

According to pet product news, there has been a big rise in dog travel product sales and there are more and more stylish items for you and your dog to travel in style. Who knows if the story of Mitt Romney’s dog has helped, but most dog owners are eager to guy some type of item that straps the dog in correctly so that it is safe from harm if the car is hit or has to stop suddenly.

With the continued mobility of dogs and their owners, Gerardo Herrera, owner of YepYup, a manufacturer in Agoura Hills, Calif., has observed a jump in sales of travel items.

Remarking on why consumers are increasingly focusing on these products, he noted: “Most of these ideas are coming to light because of the usefulness of baby products and [that industry’s] travel innovations.”

Auto safety products aren’t just for infants anymore, retailers confirmed.

“Seat belt harnesses and car seats have become more popular,” said retailer Lisa Conrad, owner of Dogadillo Inc. in Austin, Texas.

“I like the new carriers where there is a spot to slide the seat belt through, so that it can be used as a car seat, too,” she added.

Other retailers are encouraged by the rise in travel safety gear.

Sue Gunter, store manager at Theresa’s Country Feed and Pet in Simi Valley, Calif., advises customers who travel with their dog by car to invest, at the very least, in a good, padded seat belt harness with straps that can be adjusted to the proper size.

“There’s also a really nice booster seat made by [Kyjen’s] Outward Hound for smaller dogs, so that they can see out the window [of the car] and still be safely strapped in,” she added.

So now more than ever, the choices are many, when it comes to Traveling With Your Poodle or dog and getting them to go with you in the car safely and easily. It seems that the pet product companies have been very busy, coming up with new and stylish products for car travel and we all need to go out and get one or another that works for us.

There are a number of great dog and poodle travel products at Amazon and below this post are a few of the most popular ones.




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