How Often Should A Poodle Be Groomed?

People often ask How Often Should A Poodle Be Groomed?  Most people who own poodles already know about their coat.  The poodle’s coat is easily tangled and the hair gets matted if grooming is not done regularly.  It’s not just a matter of grooming your mini, standard or toy poodle every 4 to 6 weeks.  It’s about maintenance and daily brushing to keep a poodle’s coat from getting tangled and matted.

How Often Should A Poodle Be Groomed?

Poodles are high maintenance dogs and require around 10 to 15 minutes at a minimum of brushing and combing.  If you can, brush the coat and comb the hair as well.  This will really ensure that the coat does not get matted.  If you brush your dog’s coat but do not comb it, it can still get mats.

Lucy, our minature poodle was just groomed recently

Don’t make the assumption that if your dog gets groomed once a month or every four weeks, that you do not have to brush it every day.  It is very important to do this or the undercoat will become matted.  When your poodle is a puppy, begin the brushing daily to acquaint your dog with having it’s coat brushed.  Be gentle and do not dig in or scrape the skin, but gently brush evenly and your dog will take to it nicely.

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Grooming a poodle is very important, and though there are varying opinions on appropriate schedules, a good general rule is that poodles ought to be groomed around every three to five weeks for maximum results. This does not mean that you can slack off, however, as you need to brush a poodle every day to keep the long hair these dogs have free from tangling and matting, which can be harmful to a poodle’s coat.
If your poodle is a puppy, expect to spend more time grooming and brushing, as their hair will become tangled much faster than an adult’s will. If you don’t devote a good deal of time to professional and at home grooming routines your dog will grow to absolutely despise visiting the dog groomer.
A professional dog groomer or grooming salon can also provide other necessary grooming services including shampoos, nail clipping, teeth brushing (which should be done as often as possible), ear cleaning, and other good health and hygiene services.

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As for a definitive answer on just How Often Should A Poodle Be Groomed, a lot will depend on the daily home maintenance and how careful you are at keeping up with brushing and combing your poodle’s coat.  It comes with the territory, as they say, but it is worth every minute of the time spent.  You will have a beautiful and happy dog and there is nothing quite so lovely as a well groomed poodle!

How often do you get your poodle groomed?  Do you do your own grooming or go to a groomer?  Do you brush at home every day?  Please comment in the comment box below.  We love to hear about your experiences with grooming and brushing your babies.

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