Home Made Dog Treats For Your Poodle

How does some tasty Home Made Dog Treats For Your Poodle sound to you and to your pooch?  There is a huge trend towards people making their own dog treats for their pets and it seems to be working out very well.

poodle getting a dog treat

Your poodle will surely appreciate a home made dog treat like this one

 Home Made Dog Treats For Your Poodle

The huge number of pet food recalls that have made the news have scared a lot of people away from such treats as chicken jerky and other doggy snacks that were contaminated by salmonella.  It has caused a great deal of pet owners to carefully consider what they are going to feed their poodles and other dogs.  Dog treats are a part of any dog training and are also a great way to reward our animal companions for just being great pets, which they are, every day.

People all over are even getting into the doggy treat game as a real business and it’s become a cottage industry.  Dozens of new companies are springing up all over the world starting out right at home in the family kitchen.  Here’s one story that appeared in wickedlocal.com about a family dog that inspired a home made dog treat business.

“Forrest” was adopted from Louisiana by Paul and Susan Allen in 2005 and became a family companion and friend to their two sons Andrew and Christopher when presented to Andrew as a birthday gift.

Forrest was the inspiration for JULU, short for Just Luv’em, a collection of pet treats and skin care products created, marketed and sold by the family.

“I love to cook and be creative,” said Susan. “(Making the products) was a fun way to make Forrest healthy, natural treats. He is our biggest fan! He hopes that all pets enjoy them as much as he does because he is very jealous when we load up the car and drive off without him.”

If you want to try to make some tasty Home Made Dog Treats For Your Poodle, here’s a video from youtube that has an easy recipe you can try for yourself.  I’m sure your poodle will love you for it.

If you want the easy way to learn to make great homemade dog treats for your poodle, or other dog, here’s the best selling book in Amazon on great dog treat recipes. Just click on the link below to get a copy of this today.



  1. Donna says:

    Great post. I did make my own ‘treats’ for a while – but recently found a local pet store that supports a home based entrepreneur making wonderful ‘treats’.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Donna for your thoughts. We made some homemade treats and bones for our dogs too. Some of them came out a bit too crumbly and fell apart. But the dogs didn’t mind if they were whole or in tiny pieces!
      Yes, it’s great that nowadays, a lot of stores are carrying home made dog treats made locally by entrepreneurs.
      We appreciate your reading the post and for your kind comments.

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