Summer Safety Tips For Your Poodle

Since it is now summer time and the heat wave has been brutal in New Jersey, where I am writing this, please consider these Summer Safety Tips For Your Poodle for both your own sake, and that of your dog.  Besides the heat, your poodle is also susceptible to sunburn, as well.  After all, your dog has a skin, too.

poodle in the sun

Keep your poodle safe in the summer heat

Summer Safety Tips For Your Poodle

One important thing to always keep in mind that the asphalt on the street and on a driveway can be extremely hot when the temperatures are in the 80s and 90s like they have been on the east coast this July.  The ground can really burn your dogs pads and feet, so try to avoid walking on those areas.  Do a touch test with your hands and you will see how hot the ground surface really is.  Try to keep your dog on the grass and not on the sidewalk when walking around the neighborhood.   Also, it’s a good idea to carry some water with you for both you and your dog.

Dogs can suffer from heat stroke and it is best not to run with your dog, unless it’s well before the peak heat of the day.  The best times are between 5AM and 7 or 8 AM.  Watch that your dog is not suffering from heat stroke or over-exertion.  Here’s what one writer from Yahoo advises about your dogs health and safety in the summer:

Over-exertion resulting in problems could occur when jogging or engaging in other activities. The Ottawa Humane Society informs us, “On hotter days, monitor your pets’ activity and be careful to not over-exert them. Watch for signs of heat stress, excessive panting, disorientation, staring or anxious expression and weakness. Bring your pet to a cool area, gradually lower your pets temperature by immersing his/her paws in cold water or hosing him/her down and call your veterinarian immediately.”

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Find a couple of shady spots during your walk to take breaks and rest for a minute or two.  Also, try to avoid lawns with those signs that say that the lawn has been chemically treated with pesticides.

Most importantly, never, ever leave your dog in a car, even with the windows open during the summer.  Temperatures can creep up to over 100 degrees in minutes when it is in the 80s outside.

I hope that everyone will keep these summer safety tips for your poodle in mind for a happy and healthy summer for all.


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