Coconut oil is great for your poodle’s health

The latest news in the dog world is about how Coconut oil is great for your poodle’s health and is like a miracle in a jar for dogs. The unrefined or “virgin” coconut oil is great for your poodle’s or dog’s health as well as your own. It contains Lauric acid, which is also a component in mother’s milk and it’s the substance that helps to keep infants healthy. It can reduce the risk for viral, bacterial and other infections. The healthy benefits of this wonder oil are also good for your pooch, too.


Give your poodle's health a boost with coconut oil

 Coconut oil is great for your poodle’s health


The advantages of giving your dog coconut oil are far-reaching:
•    Reduces risk of cancers
•    Improves digestion and addresses digestive disorders
•    Promotes normal thyroid function
•    Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections
•    Helps balance metabolism for a healthy weight
•    Relieves arthritis
•    Supports healthy skin and coat
Applied topically coconut oil can:
•    Disinfect cuts
•    Improve skin and coat condition
•    Speed wound healing
•    Deodorize
•    Clear up rashes
The best part? Dogs love the taste of coconut oil! Unlike other “good for you” remedies, most dogs will readily eat their daily dose, mine included. I’ve been using coconut oil for years – since Sumner was still with us – and I’ve seen the benefits firsthand. (I’ve also seen how quickly the dogs go off the rails when I run out.) A local vet was so impressed by the change in one of our coconut customers that he’s now a believer too!

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So, yes, Coconut oil is great for your poodle’s health, but don’t give your dog too much of it in the beginning.  Try giving your dog a teaspoon or so for every ten pounds of body weight.  A tablespoon may be given for a dog over thirty pounds, but go easy in the beginning.  By giving a dog too much from the start can cause a detox which could make the dog sick.   Just start with a teaspoon a day and you can’t go wrong.




  1. Elyn says:

    I think coconut oil is good for us humans too! I have recently seen a lot of research on how it helps people with dementia hold their ground. Fascinating.

    • admin says:

      Yes, Elyn, that is true. Coconut oil is great for us humans, too! In fact it is a very good cooking oil, as oils like olive oil does not have a high heat tolerance, as coconut oil does. Thanks for reading and for your comments!

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