A Poodle is one of several dog breeds that do not shed

Did you know that a Poodle is one of several dog breeds that do not shed at all?  It is one of the many characteristics that make the standard, toy and miniature poodle such a great dog to have.  Poodles are one of the top non-shedding breeds of dogs  along with such breeds as Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise and several other breeds.

poodle being clipped and groomed

This poodle does not seem to mind being groomed

Besides the fact that they really don’t shed at all, they have hair, and not fur.  This also makes for the fact that they are hypoallergenic dogs.  They are much a much better breed of dog to have in homes where people are prone to allergies.

A poodle has thick hair, which, if they do shed slightly, the hair usually stays in the coat.  They do need to be brushed often and daily if at all possible.  This will keep the coat in good shape, and avoid getting matted.

Poodles also need to be bathed and groomed every four to six weeks, usually, or at least every 8 weeks at the most.  There are several kinds of cuts or clips which you can get for your pup.  Some are the puppy clip, lamb clip or the teddy bear clip.  There are also the well known show clips, known as the English saddle clip and the Continental clip.  This is where most of the body is shaved close and there are pom palms at the tail’s ends and puffy bracelets around the legs nearest to the paws.

If you are considering a dog and are not sure of which kind of a dog to get, consider a poodle, whether it be a mini, toy or a standard.  Not only is a Poodle is one of several dog breeds that do not shed, but they are super intelligent, easy to train, great with kids and they are great with people who suffer from allergies to dander.  As wonderful as golden retrievers and labs are, you will be picking up fur and hair all day long.


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