Poodles are being transformed into different types of animals

There is a trend happening in the poodle grooming world where, with the use of colored dyes and special shearing techniques, Poodles are being transformed into different types of animals.

The question comes to mind, whether or not this qualifies as a living art or animal cruelty. Poodles are dyed green, pink, purple and other exotic colors and then are trimmed and clipped to look like everything from Yoda (from “Star Wars”) to pandas, camels, horses and other animals.

But there are some objections to this practice. As a way of promoting breast cancer awareness, a white miniature poodle named Cici, was dyed pink by a Boulder, Colorado groomer. The woman, Joy Douglass, received a $1000 ticket from an animal control officer who responded to complaints from people who saw the pink poodle and were not pleased.

Sometimes poodles have been dyed the colors and emblems of sports teams just for a weekend game and others have been dyed extreme designs or styles that border on the absurd.

Take a look at this youtube video on dying poodles different colors and styles.

I am reserving judgement here, but would love to know your opinions. Is dying a poodle and clipping it to look like a bumble bee, panda bear or camel cruel or creative? Please leave your opinions below in the comments section. The debate rages on about the way that Poodles are being transformed into different types of animals.



  1. Sue says:

    Just my opinion but No Way would I ever do this to my poodle! He enjoys being groomed but never would I have him looking like these dogs. I wouldn’t do it to myself, and thus my dog neither!

  2. Lisa says:

    Look its all a bit of fun, as long as it doesn’t hurt the dog I don’t see a problem with it. We have poodles because we love them. If other people are not happy with it they can look the other way, its very clever and creative.
    cheers Lisa Melbourne Australia

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