A Poodle died during a TV show stunt

A Poodle died during a TV show stunt in Germany which has left many animal rights activists up in arms about it. People are demanding that actions be taken to bring those responsible to justice.


The miniature poodle called “Monarch” was on the show together with its owner and 21 other dogs when the accident happened.

Dog hairdresser Monika Thaler claimed she could identify an animal by its fur and while she went on to win the bet and prove her skill – the cheers from the public and stress of the stage show was too much for the four-year-old toy poodle – which tried to jump off a bench and struck its head in the process.

The German Animal Rights Association said that the dog – small for its breed and an award winner – had been scared by the bright lights and the noise from the public and also from the fact that there were other larger dogs around and as a result it had tried to jump to the floor – bashing its head.

The animal passed out a short while later and then died despite treatment from a vet.

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Although this stunt may not have been possible without a live animal, but it seems like a tragic case of using an animal who was not fully trained or prepared to deal with this kind of excitement and not used to being in the spotlight. It is indeed a tragic accident that a poodle died during a tv show stunt on this German tv show.



  1. Mary Roberts says:

    I am an animal liver who has 2 Poodkes right now and have had 9 total in my life. This dig must have been petrified. Poodles are high strung but also so smart. This was an ilconceived stunt at best. The animal must have reacted to the surroundings. Shame on them for subjecting any if these animals to this kind of stress. Large dogs are scary let alone lights, strange sounds and people. Shame on them. Sounds like cruelty to me. Bless the poodles heart. My suggestion would be a huge contribution to a poodle rescue and cruelty charges. IDIOTS!!!!!

    • admin says:

      I have to agree with you here. It was cruel and irresponsible to put an animal in that situation and not to be prepared for anything
      that might happen. It is a tragic case of stupidity in TV land.

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