Trimming your poodle’s nails

Trimming your poodle’s nails should be a regular part of grooming.  But it happens to be one the more overlooked aspects of keeping a dog well groomed.  Some people just forget to tell the groomer and some groomers just don’t bother with it, because the dog is too difficult to handle.  The most important thing about trimming a poodle or any kind of dog’s nails is the quick.  Unlike our fingernails, the quick grows along with the nail.  You must avoid cutting into the pink part of the nail or the nail will bleed and hurt your dog.

poodle grooming

Most dog groomers will trim your poodle's nails

Make sure that if you are going to trim your dog’s nails yourself, you get the right kind of nail clipper that is specifically made for a dog.  Also be sure to get one that is the right size.  If the clipper is too small it may crush the nails which would not be a good thing.  If it is too large, you could be cutting too much nail away and you risk hitting the quick.  (ouch!)

If your poodle or dog hasn’t had it’s paws and nails handled from the beginning when it was a puppy, chances are you will have to work a little to get them to become accustomed to having their paws handled and nails clipped.  It can be done.  It just will take some patience, a lot of love and some tasty treats!

If you have just gotten a poodle and it is a puppy, now is the time to start trimming those nails.  Make sure it becomes as pleasant an experience for your poodle as possible, and not a negative one.  Be gently, don’t use force, and always have some treats.  In many instances, it may be a good idea to have your puppy laying down, rather than standing up, when you are going to trim the nails.

Be patient with your pooch!  Don’t lose your cool or get upset if you get a lot of anxiety or resistance with your dog.  It will just create more nervousness around this.  Take breaks and keep trying, but be gentle and patient.


As a rule, if you can hear your pet’s nails clicking across the floor, it’s beyond time to cut them. Nails that are too long can cause problems such as splayed feet, ingrown nails plus hip and joint issues. Long nails also can get caught and torn as a dog moves about.
If your dog is particular about someone touching their feet, make it extremely rewarding for them. Have a bunch of yummy treats handy, and when you touch a foot, give Fido a treat. Treats don’t have to be big pieces but they do need to be something your pet really enjoys and savors. This doesn’t mean a dry crunchy bone but something like a piece of hot dog, chicken or string cheese. Each time you touch a foot, treat your dog. Once your dog is comfortable with you touching their feet, take it up a notch. Maybe hold the foot in your hand for a few seconds or rub the paws softly. Treat again. Don’t push your luck. Just do enough to keep your dog comfortable and be sure to reward with those high-value treats.
Each time your pet is comfortable with one step, take it further the next time. If you get to a point where your pet struggles or feels uncomfortable, stop and go back to the point that your pet was comfortable and work again. When you are able to touch your dog’s nails with the trimmers, you will want to have even higher value treats. To start with, just trim the tip of a nail and reward your pet. Trimming just the tip once a week will be a big help to getting the nails shorter for your pet.

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Many people neglect to trim their dogs nails or have them done at a groomer, since they figure that the dog is running around enough to wear them down on their own.  This is true to a certain degree, but when the nails get too long, it’s time to get the trimmer out or have them done at the vet or at the groomer.
If you are able to handle your poodle and handle his or her paws easily, then keeping them trimmed won’t be an issue.  Just get a good nail clipper and make sure it is the right size for your dog.  Here are some good step by step instructions for getting the job done from


Take   paw, start anywhere you want, you have four to choose from, in your hand. 
Squeeze it gently to expose the nails. 
Place your clipper vertically, at the curve of the nail or close to the end of the quick.
White nails are easy; you can see the quick, so in this case you can clip them a little shorter.  Black nails, especially thick black nails take time and patience. Turn the paw over and look at the inside of the nails. You will see that at the base they are thick and round; as you get closer to the point they thin out slightly and develop a groove. Where the groove begins is usually the end of the quick. But don’t cut the nail that short. A better idea is to clip it right at the curve.
If you can’t tell where the quick is, you will have to experiment by taking off a little at a time. Look at the part you just removed when it resembles a donut (with a round black spot in the middle) stop. That is the end of the quick.
Trim all of the nails on one paw, before going to the next. Be sure to get the dew claw (that thumb-like claw) as it does not get walked on, and can get hung up on things. Your dog will want to stop after the first three feet, or even after a couple of toes. Give him a treat and scratch him, but continue. Do not stop. He has to know that you are serious and that you are not going to stop until all the paws are finished.
Clip at a 45 degree angle, that is, when you are done and the dog is standing on the ground, his nails will be level with the ground. You can use his pads as a reference point.
Speaking of points, if your dogs nails splinter when you trim them, or if they have sharp points leftover you may want to file them slightly. Use a large manicure file and run it across the bottom and side of the nail to reduce the sharp edges. There is no need to buff them, but if you want to use nail polish on your Poodle, Dachshund, or Rottweiler then be sure it is approved for use on dogs. Human nail polish takes too long to dry and can be harmful if it is ingested by your dog.
Another good way to wear down the sharp edges is to allow Ziggy to run on concrete, or just walk for awhile. This will make the sharp edges more manageable.
If you trim your dog’s nails regularly, he will look good and when he jumps on you, he won’t hurt you or himself. Besides it will allow you some good quality time with your dog, and we all can use more of that.

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Should you happen to cut into the quick by accident, and there is a little blood, don’t panic and don’t make a huge and big deal out of it.  You don’t want to re-enforce the panic or emotion around this.  Just get some styptic powder or some cornstarch and dab it.  Remember that trimming your poodle’s nails on a regular basis is a small price to pay for a happy and healthy poodle.


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