Keep your poodles and dogs safe during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a real family holiday and it is one we all look forward to.  It is a time of getting together with the family and one of joy and good food.

However, for pets, it can be a dangerous holiday.  Here are some tips to help you to keep your poodles and dogs safe during Thanksgiving.

poodle in the kitchen

Lucy is in the kitchen and wants a dog treat

Firstly, don’t feed your dog or poodle any turkey bones.  They are not at all suitable bones for dog treats.  They can pose a serious choking risk and can be very harmful to your dog.

Keep a close eye on your kitchen garbage can and make sure it stays off limits or out of reach from your canine companions.  Dogs can sometimes get into the trash and not only make a mess but ingest harmful foods that can make them very sick.

Some of the foods that are a part of a  typical Thanksgiving feast can pose serious health hazards to dogs.  A few of them include the following:

Chocolate can be very dangerous to dogs.

Alcohol.  Keep your dog away from licking up any beer or wine or any other alcoholic drinks left unattended.

Grapes and Raisins.  These can cause serious health problems for any dog.

Onions cause kidney disease and you should be careful of your poodle or dog doing any “counter surfing” while you are cooking with onions.

Avoid giving your poodle turkey skin or any other rich or fatty foods.  Dogs that eat too many rich or fatty foods can develop pancreatitis or gastroenteritis.  These are two serious diseases that can be deadly.

Limit your special holiday treats to just a big of skinned turkey meat on top of your dog’s food to give it a little extra taste for the holidays.  A little bit of gravy or some cooked (or raw) carrots and some plain sweet potato are also fine.

Make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink and stays hydrated and not too stressed out.  A house filled with people can be a stressful place to be for hours at a time.  Make sure your dog has a little place to retreat to when it gets a little too hectic.

Enjoy your holiday and make sure you keep your poodles and dogs safe during Thanksgiving


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