Travel with your Poodle and other pets

As many people do this time of year and into the Winter vacation season in December, you may be looking to travel with your poodle and other pets.  This is my first choice, whenever possible, as Lucy, our poodle, is really one of the family.

poodle travel

Lucy is all dressed for her road trip to NYC!

Our cats stay comfy at home, since they hate to travel by car, and we get a professional pet sitter we know and trust to care for them.  When Lucy hits the road with us, we usually search for a pet friendly hotel or motel.

Since almost every hotel has and individual policy when it comes to four legged travelers, you should check out some of the hotels in the area you will be staying and call ahead to see what their pet policy is.

But there is also another, easier way, to find pet travel lodging that is in your vacation destination city or town.

Try going to one of the following websites, which have a good listing or a search engine specifically for finding pet-friendly lodging for you and your furry family members.


Another good resource if you plan to travel with your poodle and other pets, is the book put out by AAA called Traveling with your Pet.  This is an annually updated book with over 14,000 listings in it of approved pet friendly lodgings, hotels, campgrounds, dog parks, animal clinics and more.  You can get a copy by clicking our Amazon link below.


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