Adorable Toy Poodle-Bichon Mix Puppy (A Video)

This is just too cute for words. Here’s a short little clip of someone’s little toy poodle-bichon frise mix puppy. How can you not resist this little powder puff of a pup?

This should be a contender for the cutest poodle-mix puppy contest, if there was one. I hope that this brightened your day a little bit if you needed a little cheering up. Who doesn’t, right?!



  1. Romy Macias says:

    Off the cuteness charts!

  2. What an adorable puppy. After my Bichon passed away, I almost bought a Bichon/Poodle mix but the cost was too high. Although they are now considered ”designer dogs”’, they are still a mutt and I could not spend that kind of money on a mutt. I purchased a Poodle, that turned out to be a blessing to me.
    He has the ability to detect high and low blood sugar, and has awakened me on several mornings when my sugar was too low and had I slept another hour, I could have been in a coma or dead. I swear that my husband trained him in Heaven before sending him to me to take care of me. He is now a certified Diabetic Alert Dog through Check out their website……
    I have taken him to Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens Center and we also made a presentation before the Lion’s Club.

  3. admin says:

    When my wife and I were ready to adopt after a year had gone by since our dog Jake died, we looked at rescues. Although sometimes it’s hard to find a specific type of “designer dog” breed like a bichon-poodle, there’s so many wonderful dogs out there to be adopted at either a shelter, rescue or foster organization.
    Thanks for your input and comments and thanks for reading!
    Happy new year wishes to you and yours, as well, Irene.

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