Are Your Poodle’s Toys Toxic Or Safe?

We all want our poodles and dogs to be able to have chew toys to play with and chew. At least that way, they will have something to chew on that’s not our favorite pair of slippers or shoes, or even the sofa.

But are your poodle’s toys toxic or safe? We have to take a very close look at what they are made of, read the labels, and avoid any toys made from toxic or dangerous materials and chemicals.

poodle with dog toy

Lucy, our mini poodle loves her sock monkey dog toy

A recent study done by Texas Tech University was done and some researchers discovered that many of the plastic bumper dog toys used in dog retriever training have some pretty toxic chemicals. There are BPAs or Bispenol-A and chemicals known as Phthalates. These are chemicals you do not want your dog or poodle to be absorbing into their system as they can pose serious health risks.


Toxicologist at the Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech Phillip Smith, who co-authored the study, was interested in how his own dogs were being affected by these toys. In an interview, Smith told Environmental Health News, “Some of the dogs are exposed to plastic bumpers from the time they are born until the day they die. We all want our pets to be healthy.”

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While it may not get rid of toxic materials, you might also consider keeping your poodle’s and dog’s toys clean.  Now and again, it’s a good idea to clean and disinfect your dog toys.  You can use a very small amount of bleach diluted in water and soak your dog toys in there.  Just make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed off and dried after your bleach-water rinsing.

Lucy, our Poodle, with one of her favorite dog toys

You can also just use hot water and some liquid hand soap or dish soap and also refer to any instructions on the toy before you clean it, just to be sure.

For a safer and greener approach to cleaning the plastic and squeaky toys, you can also soak the toys in a solution of warm water and white vinegar for 20 to 30 minutes.  Then you can use a brush and scrub away any dirt and grime.

For soft toys and cloth dog toys, suggests that you wash them in cold water in the washing machine in a garment bag.  Just use a lot less soap than you would normally use for a small load of wash.  Using less soap is better, as a general rule.





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