11 year old Poodle rescued from severe abuse by a San Diego man

An 11 year old Poodle rescued from severe abuse by a San Diego man made the news today.  This poor little poodle was severely neglected and kicked so hard that it lost it’s vision in both eyes.  Officials from the San Diego Humane Society say that the man who abused this poodle is facing criminal animal cruelty charges.

poodle who was abused

This is Freddy, the poodle, after he was rescued


On November 19, officials from the Humane Society and Society for the Protection of animals responded to a call regarding the welfare of a dog. The caller reported having seen Oswaldo Velasquez kicking a small white dog that seemed to be in poor condition. Upon inspection, the dog, Freddy, was indeed in bad shape. Freddy’s fur was severely matted. Also his right eye appeared to be infected and was protruding from the socket. Based on Freddy’s condition and the allegations of abuse, he was impounded under protective custody to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA.

The dog was evaluated by medical staff and treated for his injuries. Unfortunately, even with treatment, Freddy lost vision in both eyes due to the nature of the injuries he sustained. Freddy was rehabilitated and when healthy, adopted into a loving home on January 8, 2013, according to officials.

On January 15, Velasquez was arraigned and charged with a felony count of PC 597(b) animal cruelty and on misdemeanor count of 597(f) for failure to provide veterinary care. He faces a preliminary hearing on February 25. The San Diego Humane Society led the investigation of this crime, following the tip they received.

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Stories like this one about Freddy and the abuse and neglect he suffered really make me ill, but it is necessary to inform our readers about situations like this.  We need to be kept informed and continue to aid these animals and to try to eliminate this from happening.  At least this man is charged with the crime and will be punished accordingly.

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  1. Romy Macias says:

    I’m glad Freddy was finally rescued. I hope he finds a loving home soon!
    Thanks for bringing this story to us Adam,

    • Romy Macias says:

      I just realized he HAS been adopted already. What great news!
      It pains me when I read stories like this. It’s beyond my comprehension how humans can inflict harm on defenseless animals.
      I have a neighbor that ties his dog just outside his garage. I’ve called Animal Protection, here in Mexico, but every time they’ve come, the dog is inside. And they can’t do a thing unless they see the dog tied up. So, I’ve been taking pictures of the dog tied-up and will send them in. I hope this will help rescue it. I also hear the woman who has the dog yelling at it horribly.
      Sorry, but I need to share this. I don’t know what else to do to save this sweet white bull dog.

      • admin says:

        I’m glad you called Animal Protection, but I know it must be frustrating to have them come and not see the dog tied up outside.
        One or two neighbors around my neighborhood tie their dog up outside, but fortunately they don’t subject them to the bad weather.
        Right now, during this week, temperatures have remained in the teens!
        Thanks for reading and for your comments, Romy!

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