Iron Workers Rescue A Poodle From The Kennebec River

The story was in the news the other day about how two Iron Workers Rescue A Poodle From The Kennebec River. The black standard poodle was still wearing it’s tags and collar when it was found floating down the freezing icy waters.

Sergeant Paul White and Corporal Harlan Stanley are heros and they even got a picture taken of them with “Hoku” the grateful black standard poodle that was rescued from the frigid waters. Hoku somehow got onto the river and floated on a small piece of ice that was not much bigger than he was.

Watch the video below for the story as it was reported by the news team in Bath, ME.

I love hearing about stories like this one, where people are just so happy that they can be a part of saving a life. One of the men who rescued the dog said that once it was done, he knew it was a good feeling. The dog was returned to it’s owners and it was a happy ending for all.



  1. Romy Macias says:

    So glad for Hoku!
    Congratulations to the security guards for the rescue!

  2. admin says:

    So are we, thanks, Romy!
    God bles those workers who helped to save Hoku from the icy water!

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