A Poodle helps with the grief of losing a loved one

It is certainly not news that poodles, as well as cats and other dogs, have been shown to be helpful to people in many situations.  The use of therapy dogs for those who suffer terminal illness, children with special needs, hospital patients, people who are homebound and incarcerated inmates has been of great benefit.


poodle with a woman

Poodles offer us a special love like nothing else


Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities and schools have used therapy dogs for decades and they provide an invaluable service to those they visit and interact with.

It is a fact that positive endorphins are created when a poodle or another breed of dog or cat interacts with a person suffering.  The animal provides comfort and companionship that is combined with the unconditional love that exists with a dog.

When my father died recently, back in November of 2013, it was very hard on my family, especially my mom.  They were married for 59 years and it was a very difficult and painful loss.  After the funeral, we had friends and neighbors visit as the days went by, but one special visitor gave my mom a wonderful gift of warmth and love.

Everyone gave their kind support and sympathies during a very sad time and everyone’s thoughtful words and visits were very much appreciated.  But when my wife and I brought Lucy our Poodle over to her house for a visit, she jumped on my mother’s lap and just gave licks and got hugs, it was very special.

poodle licking woman

Lucy the mini poodle gives a kiss


She took my mother by surprise a few times when she just turned her head and gave a few kisses and licks.  You can see the delight and surprise in my mom’s face when Lucy showers her with love.  It certainly brightened her day and took her mind off of her grief.  If a poodle can do that for someone, even for just a moment, that is the greatest gift of all, isn’t it?


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