It’s Official: Another Toy Poodle Passes the Police Dog Exam

It’s Official: Toy Poodle Passes the Police Dog Exam.  Picture courtesy of


This is one of the cutest stories I have come across in a very long time and it’s official!  Another toy poodle passes the police exam to become the first police detection dog in Kyoto, Japan.  His name is Mochi and apparently he has been training for this big day for the past six months.  And that’s not all.  Mochi is not the only poodle to achieve this honor.  Whereas most countries use German Shepards  for their police dogs, Japan uses poodles.  This is a beautiful story written by Phyllis M Daugherty for  Don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself!

It’s Official: Another Toy Poodle Passes the Police Dog Exam

After six months of official academy training, four-year-old Mochi, who weighs less than four pounds, passed his police dog exam last month, and will be sworn in as the Kyoto police department’s first sniffer dog. Mochi has been trained to detect drugs, explosives, and other odors, and will be used on a “case-by-case” basis…
In January 2011 two valiant female Toy Poodles, Karin and Fuga, joined the police in Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture as crime fighters, mirroring a growing trend in Japanese law-enforcement to enlist miniature canines.
Four-year-old, Mochi, who weighs less than four pounds, is considered small for a toy poodle, but his owner Naomi Yasuda say he has the same intelligence and courage as  larger, more traditional law-enforcement canines. Mochi’s background check revealed training and experience as a therapy dog. He has spent the last few years providing affection and comfort to nursing home patients….
The emergence of the alternative breeds isn’t coincidence. Some police departments struggling to recruit and maintain large dogs recently amended rules that said tinier pups weren’t fit for duty. The small canine force may not be able to take down a big bad guy on the street, but they proved their worth in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami last year…Original Story Here.

It was a pleasant surprise to read the news about Mochi.  I can imagine the headline, Its official: Another Toy Poodle Passes the Police Dog Exam!  Great way to think outside the box and not go for the traditional larger guard dogs.  The more I read about poodles the more impressed I am.  Not just good pets, but good therapy dogs and now drug detection dogs. I want a Toy Poodle too! 


Your Poodle, the Therapy Dog Hero

Your poodle, the therapy dog hero

Imagine this: your poodle, the therapy dog hero.  Such is the case for two mixed breed poodles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Each week the poodles work as therapy dogs, comforting  students of University. of Pittsburgh during stressful times.  Margo, a poodle-bichon mix, and Maui, a poodle-Havanese mix, are among 20 therapy dogs who rise to the occasion each week.   What makes this story even more amazing is that both Margo and Maui were both homeless dogs until they were adopted by Marsha Robbins, who teaches the therapy dog classes for the Humane Society in Pittsburgh.  Here is their story, written by Linda Wilson Fuoco of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Your Poodle,the Therapy Dog Hero

Twenty therapy dogs took over a stretch of lawn outside the Cathedral of Learning on Tuesday night, and dozens of University of Pittsburgh students couldn’t have been happier to see them. The dogs wagged tails and some rolled on their backs, inviting belly rubs. Young men and women unabashedly hugged the dogs, who reciprocated with traditional canine shows of affection — licking the faces of their fans and putting paws in the hands of students who asked them to “shake!”work as

Therapy dogs have been making weekly visits to the landmark building for eight years, and the major part of their mission has been to provide study breaks and stress relief for students. That mission has shifted in recent weeks as students, faculty and staff deal with the unimaginable stress and disruption caused by dozens of bomb threats that come at all hours of the day and night at many buildings throughout the Oakland campus, including the Cathedral of Learning…

Many of the cathedral regulars, including Margo, Maui and Bell, were homeless dogs adopted from the North Side shelter.

Margo, a poodle-bichon mix, and Maui, a poodle-Havanese mix, are owned by Marsha Robbins, who teaches the therapy dog classes at the Humane Society. They sat on steps that Ms. Robbins called “the peanut gallery” because many of the small dogs congregated there, including another shelter alumnus — 8-pound Bell. Owner Carol Culp of Esplen describes her as “a Cha-weenie” — a Chihuahua-dachshund mix.

Some of Ms. Robbins’ students also visit the nearby Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. They have continued to visit patients and staff since the March 8 shooting rampage there that injured five employees and killed one.

Original Story Here.

Nothing will stop these loyal friends.  Be it bad weather, bomb threat or bad day, how amazing to know that your poodle, the therapy dog hero, along with all the other therapy dogs will be there for you in your time of need(if only it were up to them).  Always remember to show them the love right back because they very much see you as their hero too!


The Poodles are Coming! The poodles are Coming!

The Poodles are Coming! The Poodles are Coming!

Hope you are ready for an exciting week because the poodles are coming!  The poodles are coming!  Indeed, the National Poodle Club of America will host their annual Dog Show featuring all three varieties of poodles: Toy, Standard and Miniature!  What makes this event particularly interesting and a must see is that it consists of a full week of festivities celebrating every aspect of our beloved poodle and it is absolutely free!  Check out this article by Josh Davis featured on the site, which details the upcoming festivities.

The poodles are Coming! The poodles are Coming!

The 80th Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Dog Show is set to feature hundreds of poodles from all over the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Barbara Furbush, the assistant show chairwoman, has been involved with the event since 1995 and believes the breed’s versatility has a lot to do with its enduring popularity…"

On Monday, all three varieties will compete in agility contests, complete with weave poles, tunnels and jumps, and on Tuesday, the dogs will take on obedience and rally obedience trials.

Youngsters ages 8-18 will be able to compete in the Junior Showmanship contest Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday, the event will feature judging for the titles of Winner’s Bitch, Best of Variety and Best in Show, respectively.

Furbush said for the owners and their dogs, the long day begins at 5:30 a.m.

"First you exercise your dog, which means a good lengthy walk," she said. "Then, feeding and exercise again, and then you start brushing the poodle and getting all the curls out of the coat — it takes at least two hours for that — and that’s followed with a lot of scissoring and then combing to get each hair to lay exactly like you have trimmed it. It is like sculpturing a piece of ice, or maybe you could relate it to carving a duck, except here you are working with a live animal that is used to being worked on and pampered."

For the general public, the show opens at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. each day.

"Poodles –no matter how much they are groomed — are like movie stars," Furbush said. "Movie stars are real people that have different personalities, and for the most part live normal lives. So do these poodles. They love to retrieve and play with their toys, and are very eager to please and are not stubborn in any way. You just have to let them know what you want, and make sure you are consistent in training."

The poodles are coming!  The poodles are coming! Can you feel the excitement as I do?  Truly if you have the time and are interested in knowing more about the beloved poodle and actually see them in rare form or better yet, if you have a poodle that you would like to showcase and share their talents with others, what a great opportunity.

If by chance you cannot make it to Salisbury this week, but are interested in the poodle community, or maybe have a poodle that you would like to introduce us to, I encourage you to do so here on this site.  We welcome everything that is poodle! 

Original Story Here.