Poodle and dog-friendly hotels that let your pet stay for free

I don’t know of too many poodle owners and dog owners that want to leave their pets behind when taking a family vacation or a road trip.  If you do take your poodle or pup with you, chances are you will have a tough time finding a place that allows pets and you will have to pay extra fees.  Sometimes those fees can be pretty hefty.


Lucy the poodle

Lucy, the poodle, is always up for a road trip!

But, my fellow dog owners, there is good news.  Laura Goldman of ilovedogfreindly.com put together a list of the pet friendly hotels that allow dogs and do not charge a fee.  Here’s a list of the 4 hotel chains that you can bring you entire family, even the four legged ones.


Kimpton Hotels – The largest boutique hotel company in the U.S. charges no fees for pets, nor does it impose any size or breed restrictions in its nearly 50 hotels. Even extras like cozy dog beds, food bowls and gourmet treats are supplied free of charge. However, there is a fee for special pet packages that include services like pet massage and doggie pedicures. “Our creative packages and complimentary amenities add value to each guest’s hotel stay and ultimately set the stage for stress-free pet travel,” Steve Pinetti, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ senior vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release.


La Quinta – Dogs up to 50 pounds are welcome and stay for free at more than 700 La Quinta hotels nationwide. When you make a reservation online, write a note in the “Special Requests” field indicating you’ll be bringing your pooch; when booking by phone, let the representative know you’re traveling with your dog.


Motel 6 – This budget-friendly chain was also a pet-friendly pioneer. Along with leaving the light on for you, Motel 6 will welcome your pooches “unless they pose a health or safety risk or are prohibited by law,” according to its website. Be sure to declare your dog when you check in.


Red Roof Inns – “You stay happy, pets stay free!” this chain assures its guests. More than 345 Red Roof Inns in 36 states welcome one pet per room, with no additional charges. You must declare your dog when you register. “Just because you’re furry, shouldn’t mean you have to spend the night in the car,” notes RedRoofLuvs Pets, the chain’s Facebook page dedicated to its fur-legged guests. Be aware that due to local laws, only service dogs are allowed at Red Roof Inns in Oxon Hill, Md.; Flushing, N.Y.; and Pigeon Forge, Tenn.


Read more from this article here: http://www.ilovedogfriendly.com/2011/08/4-hotel-chains-dogs-stay-free/#.UUsATVtAT2A


Traveling is too much fun not to be able to share your trip with your poodle or dog.  Finding a place to stay where you can bring your pet with you shouldn’t be so hard.

If you have stayed in a hotel or motel that allowed pets, let us know which one it was.  Share it with us by leaving a comment below this post.


Travel with your Poodle and other pets

As many people do this time of year and into the Winter vacation season in December, you may be looking to travel with your poodle and other pets.  This is my first choice, whenever possible, as Lucy, our poodle, is really one of the family.

poodle travel

Lucy is all dressed for her road trip to NYC!

Our cats stay comfy at home, since they hate to travel by car, and we get a professional pet sitter we know and trust to care for them.  When Lucy hits the road with us, we usually search for a pet friendly hotel or motel.

Since almost every hotel has and individual policy when it comes to four legged travelers, you should check out some of the hotels in the area you will be staying and call ahead to see what their pet policy is.

But there is also another, easier way, to find pet travel lodging that is in your vacation destination city or town.

Try going to one of the following websites, which have a good listing or a search engine specifically for finding pet-friendly lodging for you and your furry family members.

•    http://www.gopetfriendly.com/
•    http://www.petswelcome.com/
•    http://www.petsonthego.com/

Another good resource if you plan to travel with your poodle and other pets, is the book put out by AAA called Traveling with your Pet.  This is an annually updated book with over 14,000 listings in it of approved pet friendly lodgings, hotels, campgrounds, dog parks, animal clinics and more.  You can get a copy by clicking our Amazon link below.


Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle

What once may have been thought of as a ridiculous or an extravagant luxury is now a fact of life for many dog and poodle owners today.  All around the world, there are more and more Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle or dog or cat than ever before.

The reason for this is simple.  Today’s generation of poodle and pet owners are spending more money on their pets and are more concerned with better care than ever before.  Today’s poodle owner and dog owner are willing to fork over more cash to make certain that when they leave their beloved pet with a boarding facility or pet hotel, they are going to have the best care they can get.

poodle being groomed

Many pet hotels will offer grooming services for your poodle

The pet hotel business is booming according to a news story recently about Irion, a two story establishment in the city’s wealthy Gangnam district within the city of Seoul, South Korea.  Irion is a high class facility which is like a luxury hotel for dogs.  Dogs were mainly considered to be simply guard dogs or even food, for much of the past, but now, today’s younger generation of dog owners are willing to spend serious money on their pets.  This facility opened it’s doors to clients and their dogs in February 2011 and offers every service imaginable for the pooches.  They have a vet clinic in house, as well as grooming services, exercise rooms and a set of hotel rooms for the animals to sleep and stay in.

Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle


Here is a video about one such luxury hotel located in Canada is the Muzo Hotel.  This place, and many others like it, are the symbol of a new trend in pet watching or dog and cat boarding.  These are as much for the pet owner as they are for the pets themselves.  Besides room and board, many of these facilities offer extra perks and services.  Many of these dog hotels have 24 hour cams hooked up to the dogs hotel rooms which allow the owner to “check in” with their pets online to see how they are doing.  Take a look at the video below.



If you are looking for an alternative to a dog sitter or pet sitter, or if you are going for an extended stay somewhere and want to leave your poodle or cat somewhere where they will get the best treatment and stay possible, you will probably want to consider finding a Poodle hotel or dog hotel near you.

Now that there are so many Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle that have cropped up over the last decade, you will probably be able to find one in your local area if you do a search on Google, or ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.


Traveling With Your Poodle

Now that the whole world has heard the story of Mitt Romney and his dog strapped to the car roof, we all know about the wrong way to take a dog for a car ride. With that in mind, if you are going to be Traveling With Your Poodle in the car, you want to make sure that you are traveling safely, whether it’s a long journey or a trip around the block.

Depending on your poodles or dogs size, you may want to consider a few options as far as travel accessories that are available. Now, more than ever, there are quite a lot of options and many pet stores are carrying a vast line of dog travel products that are capable of keeping your dog secured nicely when taking your dog for a ride.

There are various travel pet beds, seat belts and travel harnesses as well as booster seats too. It is a good idea to bring your dog into the pet store to see what is the best of these options. Traveling With Your Poodle should be easy and fun and your dog should be protected in case of a short sudden stop or an accident.

poodle traveling in a car

This looks like fun but when traveling with your poodle, you should probably not do this

According to pet product news, there has been a big rise in dog travel product sales and there are more and more stylish items for you and your dog to travel in style. Who knows if the story of Mitt Romney’s dog has helped, but most dog owners are eager to guy some type of item that straps the dog in correctly so that it is safe from harm if the car is hit or has to stop suddenly.

With the continued mobility of dogs and their owners, Gerardo Herrera, owner of YepYup, a manufacturer in Agoura Hills, Calif., has observed a jump in sales of travel items.

Remarking on why consumers are increasingly focusing on these products, he noted: “Most of these ideas are coming to light because of the usefulness of baby products and [that industry’s] travel innovations.”

Auto safety products aren’t just for infants anymore, retailers confirmed.

“Seat belt harnesses and car seats have become more popular,” said retailer Lisa Conrad, owner of Dogadillo Inc. in Austin, Texas.

“I like the new carriers where there is a spot to slide the seat belt through, so that it can be used as a car seat, too,” she added.

Other retailers are encouraged by the rise in travel safety gear.

Sue Gunter, store manager at Theresa’s Country Feed and Pet in Simi Valley, Calif., advises customers who travel with their dog by car to invest, at the very least, in a good, padded seat belt harness with straps that can be adjusted to the proper size.

“There’s also a really nice booster seat made by [Kyjen’s] Outward Hound for smaller dogs, so that they can see out the window [of the car] and still be safely strapped in,” she added.

So now more than ever, the choices are many, when it comes to Traveling With Your Poodle or dog and getting them to go with you in the car safely and easily. It seems that the pet product companies have been very busy, coming up with new and stylish products for car travel and we all need to go out and get one or another that works for us.

There are a number of great dog and poodle travel products at Amazon and below this post are a few of the most popular ones.




John Steinbeck’s Travels Across America With His Poodle

If you are looking for a great book to read this spring or any time for that matter, grab a copy of “Travels With Charley”, a great book about John Steinbeck’s Travels Across America With His Poodle.  The well-known American author, John Steinbeck, gives an intimate portrait of America as he travels across the country with his only companion, his Standard Poodle, Charley.


As one reader commented in a review for Amazon.com, he gives the following observations:

It is about John Steinbeck’s trip across America. He begins in New York, drives up through Maine, across the midwest, through Montana to Washington, down the Pacific Coast, through Texas and finally through the American southeast. He was 58 when he took this trip, and his only companions were his loyal dog Charley and trailer Rocinante. I appreciated the way that Steinbeck respected Charley, gave him human characteristics, and looked for Charley’s observations on mankind as well as his own.

Another glimpse into this classic book is from secondact.com and the following commentary comes from that website:

Long before anyone talked about gap years, John Steinbeck left his desk, hopped in a car with his French poodle and set out to see what he could see. The result was Travels With Charley: In Search Of America,  first published 50 years ago and still an evocative account of a Nobel Prize-winning author and his time adrift.
Some books inspire you to hit the road; others tell you exactly how to do it. Here’s a collection of books that may shape your thinking about your own gap-year adventures.

Read more from the original source here


If you are a poodle owner or poodle lover and a lover of great books, then reading “Travels With Charley”, John Steinbeck’s Travels Across America With His Poodle is a must read.

You can pick up a copy at Amazon by using the link below.


Poodle Travel For Dummies

For today’s post, I thought it would be best to do a short piece on Poodle Travel For Dummies, since there seems to be some confusion.  Mitt Romney thought it would be just fine to strap a dog to the roof of his car (in a small kennel) and travel some 12 hours.  Not only is that a very bad idea, it is being considered animal cruelty by many people and it has come back to haunt him during his Presidential campaign.   I’m calling this Poodle Travel For Dummies, but I mean no offense to those who aren’t sure of the right way to take your dog for a ride in the car.  Just don’t strap the poor poodle or dog to the roof of your car and go your merry way, please!  Here’s part of the much talked about news story as reported in inquisitr.com.

poodle travel

I like the view from here, not the roof, please!

When Mitt Romney tied the family dog on the roof of his car in an airtight container then drove for 12 hours to Canada, he had no idea it would come back 20 years later to piss off animal lovers around the country.

But piss them off it has.  In an interview with Fox News Romney, the front runner for the Republican nomination for President, admitted that he did it, and even more claimed that the dog really liked it.

He was confronted by the interviewer who said that in Romney’s own home state of Massachusetts the law is that you cannot (even in an airtight container) put your dog on the roof of a moving vehicle because it is considered inhumane.

Romney did keep his cool in the interview, and kept going back to his stock answer of “The dog enjoyed it, he wanted to be there, he got in willingly”

As you can see from the interview, the strangest part is when Romney tells the interviewer that the Kennel on top of the car was AIRTIGHT as if it is a good thing!

I wasn’t sure about using the title Poodle Travel For Dummies, since I’m not usually keen on calling anyone a dummy, even though the series of how-to books have sold millions of copies without insulting anyone personally.  But, when you consider that a presidential candidate and Governor of Massachusetts doesn’t know any better than to leave his dog in an airtight container for 12 hours strapped to his car roof, then maybe he is not fit to run the country.
What are your thoughts?  As a dog owner, I imagine you have an opinion on this?
Please share your own comments below and share this post using the like button.


Here are some great Pet Travel products for your dog’s next car ride from Amazon


For the ride home after the dog park, here’s a great item to help keep your car clean




Make Pet-Travel Easier For Your Poodle

A recent article from TODAY Travel just revealed some helpful hints from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, about how to Make Pet-Travel Easier For Your Poodle.

Whether you are planning to travel by plane, car or both, as it is often the case, make sure to check out this article about some of the things you can do ahead of time, to make the trip less stressful on your pet and easier on yourself, too. A lot of simple, yet important ideas are covered from having a short “rehearsal” for your car trip and crate travel to checking ahead for pet-friendly lodging and what to do if an unexpected accident occurs when letting your poodle out on the floor for the first time in a new environment. Take a look at what Cesar Milan has to say about Make Pet-Travel Easier For Your Poodle.


Lucy, the poodle is all dressed and ready to travel

If your beloved dog has ever lifted a leg on a hotel staircase, escaped out of the backseat of your car or kept everyone in your vacation rental awake with mournful howls, you are due for a lesson from the “Dog Whisperer.”

Cesar Millan takes his dogs — Junior the pitbull and Coco the chihuahua — on so many journeys that the two pooches practically carry their own platinum-level frequent flier cards.To prepare your dog for the unfamiliar and unnatural experience of being in an airplane, Millan recommends rehearsing ahead of the trip.

“Put [your pet] in the crate for a few hours, put him in the car, and help him associate a calm feeling with the crate and travel,” Millan said. If pets — or people — get nervous on the actual travel day, try rubbing lavender oil on the paws or hands, Millan suggests. It is found to have a calming effect on humans and animals alike.

Many owners of big dogs struggle with the issue of whether to sedate their pet before it goes into the cargo space. Millan says it’s OK to skip the knockout drugs.

“The best and most natural sedation is to take them for a long, even longer, the longest walk that day, so the dog is so tired it’s almost in hibernation,” he said.

Related: Cesar Millan offers 15 tips for pet-friendly travel

While flying might be the most challenging travel element for a pet, owners and fellow travelers often get put to the test on the ground. When animals are forced into completely new and unexpected environments, they can react in a variety of ways: growling, hiding in the bathtub, trying to escape, and of course, having an “accident.”

“It is not the dog’s fault,” Millan said. “Most of the time it means that the owner has gone too soon indoors without walking the dog, or it can mean that the dog is nervous and this is a fear reaction.”

Don’t be embarrassed, pet owners — just clean up the mess.

“Every pet-friendly hotel knows the consequences of welcoming dog guests,” Millan said.

For hoteliers, one consequence is more pet-toting customers.

Dede Gotthelf, owner of the Southampton Inn, initially designated 10 percent of her rooms as pet-friendly, but has increased to 15 percent in order to meet strong customer demand.

“We have had large dogs, small dogs, cats, occasional birds in cages, and a bearded dragon that visits every Columbus Day weekend,” Gotthelf said. Her affluent, primarily East Coast customer base considers their pets “part of the family” — and are willing to pay a nominal nightly pet fee on top of the room rate, which averages around $500 during the summer high season (about half that in off-season).

The Southampton Inn, like nearly all pet-friendly accommodations, has “house rules” that require owners to obey leash laws, be respectful of other guests’ space, and clean up messes to the best of their ability.

One rule guests may be most tempted to break involves leaving pets alone in a room. While most hoteliers will overlook a bit of late-night yapping or a minor mess, hotels can ask you to leave if your dog is found unattended in your room. In other words, if you head out for dinner, the pooch goes with you.

When renting a car, be aware that rental companies are not required to give pets the same rights as people. If they extend a pet-friendly policy, be a responsible customer. Safety on the road should be your priority — and when you’re ready to return, cleanliness is crucial.

“Take caution to ensure pets are kept in one area of the car. Thoroughly clean hair and any pet messes from its cars prior to rental return,” advised Paula Rivera, manager of public affairs for Hertz. Not only is it thoughtful to the next customer, but it’ll also avoid cleaning fees.

One pet-mess scenario — the car-sick dog — is fairly common. It can’t be completely avoided, but humans can control some factors.

“Motion sickness for dogs is very different than for humans,” said Millan. “It does not mix well with a full stomach.” Thus, while you might want to stick with a normal feeding routine while traveling, it’s actually better not to feed a pet much before or during a long drive day.

I think that these tips are going to be helpful for a lot of people who are new to pet-friendly travel or are arranging a vacation for the first time with their four legged family member. Lucy, our poodle, has now gotten her “traveling legs” so to speak and has become very accustomed to traveling in the car. I thought that this was a great article with some good tips on how to Make Pet-Travel Easier For Your Poodle and for you as well, even if you are not the dog whisperer, himself!

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