poodle is doing fine after a scary ride in a car grille

Miraculously, a poodle is doing fine after a scary ride in a car grille.  The poor dog got stuck and the unassuming driver had taken the little pooch for an 11 mile ride before discovering the dog, who had gotten stuck in the car grille.
Recently in the news, a man driving his car in Massachussets saw a dog in the road and slammed his brakes hard to avoid hitting the dog.  When he did not see the dog anywhere, he thought that the dog had escaped harm and made it to safety.  As he continued his drive, he had no idea that this little poodle had become lodged in the bottom of the car grille and went along for a very scary ride.


A little poodle just like this one made it through one very scary car ride

As soon as the driver realized what had happened, he drove to the East Providence Police Department, where officers helped safely remove the dog from the car. The small white poodle-mix was taken to a local vet, where she was given medical attention for a concussion and a small perforation on her bladder.
“We took (the dog) to an emergency clinic, and now she’s actually doing fine, crazy enough,” animal control supervisor William Muggle said. “She’s a good dog.”

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It is amazing that this dog was not killed or hurt much more seriously.  I was very relieved to find out the poodle is doing fine after a scary ride in a car grille.  Some dogs have nine lives, too, it seems.  This was a very lucky little poodle and I am very happy for the little pup.  The owners have yet to come forward.  If no one claims her, within a period of time, she will be up for adoption to some lucky owner or owners.


Labradoodle hero saves an elderly woman’s life

Now and then you hear about a real life canine hero and this one came to our attention about a Lab-Poodle mix dog who saved a life.  This story is about how a Labradoodle hero saves an elderly woman’s life.

Lab-Poodle mix dog

A labradoodle like the one pictured here was a real hero when he discovered a woman who had a stroke

We know that poodles and other dogs have a secret sixth sense when it comes to sensing a dangerous situation or picking up on someone in need of help.  In this case, “Dylan” the wonder dog, sensed the impending danger of an elderly woman in distress and came to the rescue.

Amaya Tasker of Manly came home around noon on September 3 after walking Dylan and allowed him to go off leash after she had parked the car in the garage.
But instead of going straight upstairs to their first-floor unit, Dylan did a detour and stopped outside the apartment of 91-year-old Norma Nolan.
“He just went straight to Norma’s door,” Ms Tasker said.
“We don’t even walk past her door when we come from the garage. He just would not come when I called him, and he’s quite a well-behaved dog. He would not leave her door.”
Ms Tasker investigated and saw Mrs Nolan stick her fingers under the door.
Police, ambulance and firefighters were called and broke through the bedroom window because Mrs Nolan had collapsed next to the front door from a stroke.

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It is a heart-warming story about how this Labradoodle hero saves an elderly woman’s life.  I enjoy reading about these kinds of stories and sharing with our readers.

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The Unique Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Perhaps, by now, you may have heard about the fascinating furry looking creature that is both strange and beautiful. The Unique Venezuelan Poodle Moth is creating quite a “buzz” on the internet these days.

This moth seems to have fur and actually looks like a poodle! Apparently it is a new insect hybrid originating from Venezuela, the poodle moth species is already causing quite a stir online. It was discovered by Dr. Arthur Anker during his studies of marine biology in Venezuela. His discovery of this moth is the subject of great interest. To learn more, watch the video below.

The Unique Venezuelan Poodle Moth

The Unique Venezuelan Poodle Moth
certainly does look a lot like some poodles that I have seen but I can also see how some people question whether it was created via photoshop or if it is truly real. I doubt it is a fake and I am one of those people who are now fascinated with this little poodle moth.


Poodles are not food – Koreans protest the eating of dogs

This video is from some time ago, but it’s happening again. Koreans are protesting the inhumane treatment and slaughter of massive numbers of poodles, dogs and cats for food. I am against factory farming and the inhumane treatment of all farm animals, but it is particularly disturbing to see dog and cat farms where they are caged in filthy conditions and given rotten food to eat. Finally they are brutally slaughtered, often beaten and skinned while still alive. Is anyone else reading this outraged, yet?

Poodles are not food – Koreans protest the eating of dogs

While this may be very disturbing to some, it is necessary to get the word out. Many animal rights groups are protesting and calling for new legislation which will put an end to this barbaric treatment of cats and dogs in Korea. It is also a common practice in China as well.

What are your thoughts? Please post them below and let us know how you feel about this touchy subject.


Two people arrested for leaving a Poodle in a hot car

Recently in the news, two people arrested for leaving a Poodle in a hot car, in the blistering heat of summer in Buford, Georgia.

poodle in a car

I hope this car with this poodle in it has air conditioning

Apparently the couple had left this poor poodle in a hot car for 45 minutes or more.   I don’t know how this poodle survived this ordeal, but apparently, it did, by some miracle.  How stupid can people be?  Not only were they confronted by an officer, but they shouted expletives and made excuses, lying about the amount of time they had left their dog in the car.

Kelda Gordon was arrested on Monday after leaving a Costco store and was charged with both animal cruelty charges and obstruction of an officer.  She was also given charges of disorderly conduct.  Officers discovered a gray poodle that was trapped inside a hot car, and was there for almost an hour in the dead heat.

At one point, Alvarado-Salas was said to have grabbed an officer by his wrist in an effort to pull the officer’s hands away from the set of handcuffs he was reaching for to be placed on Gordon.  Alvarado-Salas was also arrested and charged with the same offenses as Gordon was.

I am very happy that these two people arrested for leaving a Poodle in a hot car.  Maybe true justice would have been to lock her in the car for an hour without help or water and see how she felt after that.  I’m just happy that they were caught in the act and were arrested for cruelty to animals.



Poodle Wedding in New York To Raise Money For The Humane Society

Well, it is official and the world record has been broken for the most expensive pet wedding, ever.  The recent Poodle Wedding in New York To Raise Money For The Humane Society has broken the Guiness book of world records for the most expensive ceremony involving pets.  A Poodle named Chilly Pasternak from Richmond, Va. and a white Coton de Tulear with black-gray markings, named Baby Hope Diamond, were officially married in a posh ceremony and reception at the Essex House in New York City.


I wonder how Lucy would look in a white satin wedding dress

I’m sure most of you reading this have probably heard of people who treat their pets like people.  Dare I say, some of us already do that.  Yes, my wife and I dressed our dog in a Yankee uniform for a Halloween pet costume contest and our dog actually won 2nd prize.  But this takes the wedding cake!  And it was all for a good cause.  Although some may think it to be a bit over-the-top, I think it’s a really cute way of raising money and having a good time.

Poodle Wedding in New York To Raise Money For The Humane Society

According to the story from msnbc.com, about the affair, the four-footed wedding participants were presented with a Guinness World Record for being part of the most expensive pet wedding.  The total figure spent on the lush affair was $158,187.26.  Many of the services and perks of the event were donated and guests purchased tickets for this fundraising event.  Here’s a short video about the Poodle Wedding in New York To Raise Money For The Humane Society.



What are your thoughts about this event? Do you think it’s a bit too much or was it a great idea for raising money and awareness for the Humane Society? I’m all for it, myself. We’d love hearing your thoughts.
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Your poodle may be helping your child grow healthier

Everyone who has a poodle, or other kind of dog, knows how much joy, love and fun they bring to the household and the family.  But there is a new study in the news that indicates that your poodle may be helping your child grow healthier. 

The results of a study of 397 children was published in the “Pediatrics” medical journal.  Follow up reports were taken from homes after the children were one year old.  The findings showed that children who lived in homes with dogs were actually healthier and less likely to be sick than children living in an environment without pets.

little girl with a poodle

There is a new reason to love our poodles even more


Your poodle may be helping your child grow healthier


The findings of this study has shown that children growing up in a home where they are exposed to a dog helps reduce the likelihood of getting respiratory infections, colds and ear infections and may have a beneficial effect upon the immune system.  Kids that live with a poodle or a dog of some kind have less need for antibiotics.  It seems that a sanitized, super clean home may not be the best environment for a child’s health, after all.  Even cats help, but not as much, apparently, as dogs.

So the fact that your poodle may be helping your child grow healthier is one more reason to appreciate and love our four legged family members.

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Emmylou Harris is a hero to poodles, dogs and cats that need a home

Singer, songwriter and county music superstar Emmylou Harris is a hero to poodles, dogs and cats that need a home. She has a great big heart and a love for animals, and she is turning her home into an animal rescue sanctuary called Bonaparte’s Retreat.

Emmylou Harris performing - photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Emmylou Harris is a hero to poodles, dogs and cats that need a home


Video courtesy of msnbc.com

Emmylou Harris currently has around 29 dogs in her home sanctuary and one of them has a place in her home by her side.  She even wrote a song called “Big Black Dog” dedicated to her newest pal.  The dog was only hours away from being euthanized and was saved by Emmylou.  I think it’s a fantastic thing that she is doing and I applaud her and her efforts to help these animals.

I think that this is a tremendously selfless and wonderful effort she is doing on behalf of the many animals that are facing death at the local shelters that are bound by local laws to end their lives if they are not adopted out within a certain amount of time.

This is a really inspiring and heart warming story so please feel free to share this one with friends and animal lovers!


Two Toy Poodles were sworn in at a Museum in Japan

On July 3rd, Two Toy Poodles were sworn in at a museum in Japan and are now ready to go to work as security guards.  The two toy poodles were all decked out in their uniforms and looked as official as they can be.

They are not only adorable, all dressed up in uniform and cap, but are actually quite well trained to perform their duties as security dogs for the Museum in Tottori, Japan.

Two Toy Poodles were sworn in at a Museum in Japan


Here is the video about the story that made the news all over the iternet:

Not only are these two dogs going to do their jobs guarding a new exhibit at the museum, but are getting lots of publicity for the museum at the same time.


Former NYPD writer kills his poodle by punching it

I am very sad to have to report that the former NYPD writer kills his poodle by punching it in the head.  Ted Shuttleworth, a former writer for the TV series NYPD, was arrested on Saturday in Queens, NY.  He apparently got upset with his tiny poodle and punched it in the face.

toy poodle

It makes me ill to think he hit a tiny dog like this toy poodle

Former NYPD writer kills his poodle by punching it

The poor little poodle died from brain trauma.  The dog was only around four pounds and it really makes me ill to think about it.  This is a pretty clear case of vicious animal abuse.  A 230 pound man hitting a four pound dog and killing it sounds to me like the murder of an innocent defenseless poodle.

Maybe the felony provision under NY state law code (section 353-A) should have been enforced.  This is what it states:

A person is guilty of aggravated cruelty to animals when, with no justifiable purpose, he or she intentionally kills or intentionally causes serious physical injury to a companion animal with aggravated cruelty. For purposes of this section, “aggravated cruelty” shall mean conduct which: (i) is intended to cause extreme physical pain; or (ii) is done or carried out in an especially depraved or sadistic manner.

Above from http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/nycode/AGM/26/353-a

The story about how the former NYPD writer kills his poodle by punching it is now all over the news and has many poodle owners, animal lovers and people of all kinds in an uproar.  I think Mr Shuttleworth should take a long rest behind bars and given some time to think about what he did to that poor animal.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have an opinion on this story?  We would like to hear what you have to say.

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