Best 15 Dog Ads – For Dog, Poodle Lovers (Video)

Here’s a great collection of 15 Dog Ads and Commercials from all over that were put together in a youtube video.
Have yourself a good laugh and watch all the way through. Enjoy!

I wish there were some poodles in the ads, but they were great to watch. I haven’t even seen any of these myself, while watching tv at home, but they were great.


Smart Poodle Learning Several Tricks

Poodles are not only very beautiful and cute, they are also extremely intelligent. They are eager to please and are often quick learners. They have a strong memory for things and learning tricks is a practice that many poodles enjoy and excel at.

Take a look at this adorable little miniature poodle practicing many complicated tricks including a backwards figure eight!

I think you can teach a poodle to do almost any trick with the right guidance and some tasty treats! This little poodle really seems to want to please and learn. If I could just get Lucy to fetch my morning coffee, that would be super cool!


Iron Workers Rescue A Poodle From The Kennebec River

The story was in the news the other day about how two Iron Workers Rescue A Poodle From The Kennebec River. The black standard poodle was still wearing it’s tags and collar when it was found floating down the freezing icy waters.

Sergeant Paul White and Corporal Harlan Stanley are heros and they even got a picture taken of them with “Hoku” the grateful black standard poodle that was rescued from the frigid waters. Hoku somehow got onto the river and floated on a small piece of ice that was not much bigger than he was.

Watch the video below for the story as it was reported by the news team in Bath, ME.

I love hearing about stories like this one, where people are just so happy that they can be a part of saving a life. One of the men who rescued the dog said that once it was done, he knew it was a good feeling. The dog was returned to it’s owners and it was a happy ending for all.


Poodle tries brushing his own teeth

We talked about the importance of brushing your poodles teeth in an earlier post. Here’s a video of a cute little poodle who seems bent on doing the job himself. I guess the owners just put a dab of toothpaste on the brush and let their little guy do the rest.


Poodle hits the shops on two legs (Video)

I didn’t know for sure if this was real or not. This little poodle is obviously trained to walk on it’s hind legs. I would imagine that this may be considered abuse, but the dog doesn’t seem to mind. Watch the video.

What do you think? Is it too much or is it just too cute? I would not want my mini poodle doing this for such a long time, but she does like to jump up and stand on her hind legs for a treat now and then.


Two Cute Poodles Playing Piano – A Video

I thought this video might give some people a laugh. Here’s two cute poodles playing piano – or are they? Well, they actually are not playing. One is even suited up for the concert wearing a little shirt collar and tie.
Anyway, it is a cute video and for a moment it sounds like some heavy jazz piano being played by two adorable poodles.

I hope this gave you a smile or a laugh or two. I know I got a kick out of it! One of the poodles looks like it’s actually reading the music.
Did you enjoy this video? What did you think?


Adorable Toy Poodle-Bichon Mix Puppy (A Video)

This is just too cute for words. Here’s a short little clip of someone’s little toy poodle-bichon frise mix puppy. How can you not resist this little powder puff of a pup?

This should be a contender for the cutest poodle-mix puppy contest, if there was one. I hope that this brightened your day a little bit if you needed a little cheering up. Who doesn’t, right?!


Picture Perfect Poodles – How to take better photos of your poodle

We love our pets and most of us love to look at and take pictures of our beloved furry family members.  Here are some ideas and tips on how to take better photos of your poodle or dog.

First of all, set aside a special time and place for your photos.  It doesn’t do any good if you try to take the photos when it’s hectic at home and you have guests or kids running around.  The dog will be distracted and it will be very tough to get him or her to sit quietly and pose nicely for you.

After a walk or when your pup is just sitting quietly on the couch or the bed could be a great time to just go in the other room, grab your camera and begin your photo shoot.  When your poodle or your dog is quiet and resting, you can usually get a good picture since your pooch will be restful and in a low key state.

photo of a poodle

This was taken of Lucy, my poodle, without using the flash

Try to have good ambient lighting in the room if not natural sunlight so you will not have to use flash.  Flash is great for certain things, but when you take shots of your poodle, especially close up photos, the eyes will almost always be red.  To avoid the red-eye, just use a setting on your camera that will not set off the flash.

Sometimes, just starting by gently petting your dog will calm him or her down and allow you to create a mood of calm.  Then, with the camera right there next to you, you can just grab it and go right into taking a few shots in between petting.

Sometimes, it might be tricky to get his or her attention, so have an easy trick in mind and a few treats stowed away in your back pocket.  Do the trick once or twice and treat after the trick.  Then, try to do the trick again and while your poodle is waiting for the next treat or the next reward, you can usually get a good picture while your dog is patiently waiting at attention for that dog treat.

Timing is important, of course.  Often, a great pose will present itself but the dog will turn it’s head suddenly and all is lost.  Just try again and pretty soon your timing will become better and you will get that great shot!


How to make a poodle out of a balloon

Ever wonder how to make a poodle out of a balloon the way the experts do? It’s not all that complicated if you know what to do.

Here is a simple quick video showing you just how to make a little balloon poodle.

Maybe you have to watch this a couple of times and have a few tries before you master this, but I think it is a pretty good demonstration. Now I have to go get some balloons!


Adorable Poodle Doing Tricks

This week for our video, we found a short video of an adorable poodle doing tricks that included rolling out the red carpet and dancing up a storm.

Here’s cutie pie, the little white miniature poodle doing her tricks for the camera last fall.  Enjoy!