Poodles, pups and other mutts walk on Washington with Cesar Milan

Poodles, pups and other mutts walk on Washington with Cesar Milan. This past Saturday, Cesar Milan gathered many poodle and dog owners to walk on Washington to raise money and raise awareness.  He quoted Ghandi who said a nation can be judged by the way it’s citizens treat their animals.

Dogs need more than love, Cesar said. They need exercise, discipline and love.  And it’s okay to spoil them once and a while, too!  We love and adore our sweet poodle, Lucy!


Cute Toy Poodle Puppies Being Trained – A Video

Here is a cute video of some toy poodles being trained. They are puppies and are learning to sit and roll and other commands. These toy poodle pups sure are cute!

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Watch Out – Cute Poodle Puppies Coming

Watch Out – Cute Poodle Puppies Coming!

Here is a video of a litter of adorable standard poodle puppies that are Parti-colored.  These 5 boys and 7 girl puppies are adorable as they play and mix together while Mom looks on.


I hope you enjoyed this video of these standard poodle puppies doing what puppies do best. They play like there is no tomorrow.


Diva, the happy poodle doing her tricks

I love this video of Diva, the happy poodle doing her tricks. Watch this poodle just having a great time
doing some pretty neat tricks.

Should poodles be allowed in the olypics?


Are Poodles Good With Children?

Some people are asking the question Are Poodles Good With Children?  I say absolutely, especially this standard poodle in this video, who watches over this little infant quietly.

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Amazing Poodle that plays piano, guitar and does tricks

Here is one cute and intelligent poodle. Check out this cute and amazing Poodle that plays piano, guitar and does tricks.  It is already a better piano player than some kids I have heard!  Check out the video and see what you think.

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Poodles that love to dance

I didn’t know that some poodles are dancing poodles.  Were these guys showing off or just felt happy?  Here is a video of some Poodles that love to dance.  This is really adorable.


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Talented poodle that plays piano and sings

We know how smart poodles are, don’t we?  They are one of the smartest breeds of dogs, but you may be amazed at this video of a talented poodle that plays piano and sings.  

Did this poodle take some lessons or did he just discover how much fun it is to plunk out a tune on the family room piano?  It’s really funny to watch this poodle sing and play, not just hit a couple keys.  Maybe he is doing ear training for poodles.  Watch and enjoy this video of this cute and talented poodle that plays piano and sings.   It is sure to bring a smile to your face.



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Poodles Rescued From A Dog Hoarder (A Video)

Eight Poodles Rescued From A Dog Hoarder by an organization called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.  Thanks to this rescue group, these poodles or poodle mix pups will finally get a chance to have a good home and a decent life.  They were taken from an extreme hoarding situation.

They were in poor physical condition, badly matted, frightened and hungry.  Thanks to this North Carolina rescue organization and some caring foster homes, these poodles will eventually be able to be adopted out to good homes.  Dog hoarding is a crime and these were lucky dogs to have been taken from such an awful situation.


Poodles Rescued From A Dog Hoarder  (A Video)