Alfie, The Cocker-Poodle Mix, Was Named The Happiest Dog

Have your heard the latest news that Alfie, The Cocker-Poodle Mix, Was Named The Happiest Dog? Well, it is official! In Britain, anyway, Alfie the Cockapoo has been officially crowned the happiest pooch in all of the United Kingdom. It’s quite an honor for both himself and for his proud owners, Aimee and Dan Salt. If you haven’t already heard about this big win of a rather unique competition, here’s an excerpt from the heart-warming story of a lovable cockapoo named Alfie, The Cocker-Poodle Mix, Was Named The Happiest Dog.

He’s always got a smile on his face and now he’s certainly got something to grin about after he was named Britain’s Happiest Dog.

Alfie, the nine-month-old Cockapoo from Bristol, won over the judges with his broad grin and furiously wagging tale.

He beat dozens of other dogs to win the competition, which was organized by Penguin Books.

His owner Dan Salt, 30, from St George, Bristol, said: ‘He is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle – and he is a very happy dog.

‘Alfie always looks like he is grinning – he even runs with a smile on his face. He loves going out for walks and chasing other dogs around.

‘He is also just as happy when he’s lying around at home.

‘Alfie is affectionate and does not bark or growl. I think if a burglar broke into our house he would probably go over and give him a cuddle.’

Cockapoos, also known as spoodles, can live for between 14 and 18 years and were first introduced in American in 1950.

They are popular because they have the loving personality of cocker spaniels but shed virtually no hair.

White-haired Alfie beat competition from 75 other canines around the country to be named ‘Britain’s Happiest Dog’.

I loved hearing about this and think it’s a great idea. Ultimately the final decision was based on the the photo of the dog that got the most cheers from the staff and as a result the final winner was Alfie, The Cocker-Poodle Mix, Was Named The Happiest Dog.

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