Two people arrested for leaving a Poodle in a hot car

Recently in the news, two people arrested for leaving a Poodle in a hot car, in the blistering heat of summer in Buford, Georgia.

poodle in a car

I hope this car with this poodle in it has air conditioning

Apparently the couple had left this poor poodle in a hot car for 45 minutes or more.   I don’t know how this poodle survived this ordeal, but apparently, it did, by some miracle.  How stupid can people be?  Not only were they confronted by an officer, but they shouted expletives and made excuses, lying about the amount of time they had left their dog in the car.

Kelda Gordon was arrested on Monday after leaving a Costco store and was charged with both animal cruelty charges and obstruction of an officer.  She was also given charges of disorderly conduct.  Officers discovered a gray poodle that was trapped inside a hot car, and was there for almost an hour in the dead heat.

At one point, Alvarado-Salas was said to have grabbed an officer by his wrist in an effort to pull the officer’s hands away from the set of handcuffs he was reaching for to be placed on Gordon.  Alvarado-Salas was also arrested and charged with the same offenses as Gordon was.

I am very happy that these two people arrested for leaving a Poodle in a hot car.  Maybe true justice would have been to lock her in the car for an hour without help or water and see how she felt after that.  I’m just happy that they were caught in the act and were arrested for cruelty to animals.



Ashley Judd Is Helping An Abused Cockapoo Regain His Health

This story is very bittersweet and will most likely bring a few tears to your eyes. It’s about the tragic case of another innocent victim of severe animal abuse and how actress Ashley Judd Is Helping An Abused Cockapoo Regain His Health. The well known actress has a big heart and a lot of compassion. I thank her for her kindness and her efforts to help out in the case of poor little Walter, the poodle-cocker mix pup.

Walter’s story is tragic, and yet not all that unfamiliar. We hear stories like this far too often, unfortunately. He was starved at the hands of his previous owner and at almost half of his normal weight, he suffered being thrown from a car. It’s almost too horrible to imagine, but it does happen, folks. Some people have no morals and are quite sick and depraved, I’m afraid.

Here’s more from the website, who did an article about this story, which is ongoing as we speak. We don’t know if Walter, the cockapoo, is going to survive his ordeal.


Walter, the cockapoo needs your prayers for a through recovery

Actress Ashley Judd is personally involved in the rehabilitation of a severely abused cockapoo named Walter — and despite her efforts, it’s not clear yet whether he’s going to make it.

Walter was not only starved by his previous owner (the emaciated dog weighs only 11 pounds, about half of what he should, considering that he’s five), but he was also thrown out of the window of a moving car.

He was rescued by Tennessee-based organization Snooty Giggles, who partnered with the Animalia Health and Wellness for Animals clinic to try and save his life. And that’s where Judd stepped in.

The actress heard about Walter’s plight and contacted both organizations. She not only volunteered to foot his medical bills, but she also visits Walter every day, emotionally supporting his recovery. Still, it might not be enough — Walter’s condition is very fragile.

“We are doing everything we can to help Walter. Ashley has been a huge support,” says Snooty Giggles’ Shawn Aswad.

“It’s almost unbearable,” Judd says. ”It certainly defies individual and collective humanity to know that, not just Walter, but a lot of animals, are treated this way.”

Despite his ordeal, Walter has a very sweet temperament and enjoys being around people and other dogs. Judd hopes that she might eventually foster Walter, but it will be a long time coming — she says Walter’s recovery will be a “very long journey.” However, she also notes that he clearly has a strong will to live, something that certainly works in his favor.

This story really affected me very deeply about how Ashley Judd Is Helping An Abused Cockapoo Regain His Health, and about the deep neglect and painful abuse this little defenseless animal has suffered. I can’t stand hearing about these stories each and every day. I can’t avoid seeing 4 or 5 more stories about animal abuse daily, as I scour through the news and web stories to find things to write about in the poodle and poodle-mix world.

I want to personally thank Ashley Judd for her amazing good-hearted kindness and compassionate efforts to save this dog’s life. She will be blessed, as are the other volunteers at the shelter and the vet that are all doing their part.