Thousands of Poodles, dogs to be beaten and eaten in Yulin Dog Eating Festival

I have a really weird and silly question for you.  Would you beat, torture and eat your poodle for fun at a public festival?  I didn’t think so, but what about a dog that doesn’t belong to you?  Well, I know that you shudder to even think about that possibility as do I.  But it is actually the case in China at the Yulin Dog Eating Festival in China.

Dogs like Lucy, our Poodle, are eaten as a part of the dog eating festival every year in Yulin, China

There is a sad reality about the way that dogs are treated in the Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang region of China.  On June 21, 2013, another yearly tradition of a Dog Eating Festival began to the dismay of concerned and loving dog and poodle owners like ourselves.

Some animal rights organizations have claimed that tens of thousands of dogs are slaughtered each year for this so-called festival.  Many dogs are electrocuted, burned and even skinned while alive.

China has no animal welfare laws such as the ones in effect in the United States and other nations.

What can people do who are opposed to this kind of animal cruelty on such a huge scale?  There are a number of petitions we can sign online to help get the message to those in the Chinese government.  We can let them know of that this kind of treatment of animals is unacceptable and that it is time to end this dog-torturing food culture that deems dogs like our beloved poodles and other dogs just a piece of meat that can me maimed at will just for food.


Here are links to some of the petitions being circulated on the web:


If we all sign these and get our animal loving friends and fellow poodle and dog owners to sign, we might just be a little closer to putting a stop to this barbaric practice and take a big step closer to ending this dog cruelty in China once and for all.


Poodles are not food – Koreans protest the eating of dogs

This video is from some time ago, but it’s happening again. Koreans are protesting the inhumane treatment and slaughter of massive numbers of poodles, dogs and cats for food. I am against factory farming and the inhumane treatment of all farm animals, but it is particularly disturbing to see dog and cat farms where they are caged in filthy conditions and given rotten food to eat. Finally they are brutally slaughtered, often beaten and skinned while still alive. Is anyone else reading this outraged, yet?

Poodles are not food – Koreans protest the eating of dogs

While this may be very disturbing to some, it is necessary to get the word out. Many animal rights groups are protesting and calling for new legislation which will put an end to this barbaric treatment of cats and dogs in Korea. It is also a common practice in China as well.

What are your thoughts? Please post them below and let us know how you feel about this touchy subject.