Can you bring your poodle to the dentist?

Can you bring your poodle to the dentist next time you go in for a procedure? Well, there is a therapy dog named Brooke, who accompanies her buddy, Dr. Paul Weiss to his dental practice.  It is so amazing how great a therapy dog is and how much they can help to change the experience of people that they work with in all kinds of situations.
Brooke (pictured below) is helping out patients deal with the stress of having to go through the difficulty of dealing with a trip to the dentist.

This therapy dog is helping ease anxiety at the dentist


Marilou Rich Owczarczak, of Lancaster, NY, shared this photo of the dentist and his dog Brooke, who he brings in every day to help patients with the stress of having to face the dentist chair.

Maybe my poodle Lucy will come to my next dentist office with me and help me stay calm under those dental cleaning tools!