First Poodle to be getting new cancer treatment

A story is just out about the first Poodle to be getting new cancer treatment at the UT’s college of Veterinary Medicine.

Arwen is a sweet little gray poodle, who has had trouble breathing, but since that was the only symptom, it was a shock to learn that she had a massive tumor that was wrapped around her heart and lungs.  It took some time to discover the problem, as Amanda Stoermer, Arwen’s owner, explained.  The vet finally did an x-ray and discovered the suspicious looking mass in her body, that turned out to be a thymoma.

After being told by her oncologist to just take her home and make her comfortable and accept the inevitable, Amanda persisted in finding an alternative to simply saying goodbye to her beloved poodle.  Her search eventually led her to discovering a new technology that is being used for the first time at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

The following statement is from about this new treatment for cancer for pets.

She’s the first patient to undergo Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, or IMRT.
Dr. Nathan Lee, a radiation oncologist at the vet school, said this new way to deliver radiation is much more accurate.

“The difference is that the field shapes are constantly changing throughout the treatment, and the dose rate is constantly changing so that we can modulate, or vary the intensity of the radiation, over the field so that we can target the tumor area and avoid the normal tissues in the area down to a couple of millimeters,” he said.

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Here is a video about this story about the First Poodle to be getting new cancer treatment at UT in Tennessee.


While the treatment costs around $4000.00, Arwen’s owner Amanda says it’s worth it.  If you love your poodle as much as I do, you understand completely, that the cost is worth it to save little Arwen’s life.  So far the new treatment is working and the tumor is shrinking.