Soothe your poodle with some Mozart and not metal

If you want a calmer poodle or dog at home, then I recommend that you soothe your poodle with some Mozart and not metal.  Try Beethoven or Bach instead of Motorhead or Slayer next time if you want a less-stressed pooch at home.

poodle listening to classical music

Lucy our poodle loves when we have classical music playing in the background

A study done at the Colorado State University shows that classical music can make a significant difference in the way your dog behaves.  Playing classical music instead of heavy metal or rock n roll just seems to calm down the dogs and is much more soothing to their system.

From the  Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Vol 7, No 5, September/October 2012, the following was reported:

Both boarded and rescue dogs responded to all the classical music selections by sleeping more than during exposure to any other auditory stimulation type. The number of obser- vations of silence was greatest during 1 classical selection (classical 2) and least during the control period (no music). These results are consistent with human studies, which have suggested that music can reduce agitation

In addition, here is another excerpt from the report which tells us of the changes in behavior and mood of the dogs in the study.

Our findings replicate some of the findings by Wells et al. (2002) in their study of the effect of auditory stimulation on shelter dogs. We found that classical music promoted more restful behaviors that might be associated with a reduced stress level. Heavy metal music was found to have the opposite effect, leading to behaviors that suggest increased agitation.

Shelters are inherently stressful environments for most dogs, and results of this study suggest that playing classical music might help ameliorate some of these negative aspects. It is also possible that the positive effects that classical music has been found to have on humans may also affect both shelter employees and potential adopters.

You can download and read the entire study by clicking here

Overall, the rescued and kenneled dogs that were listening to classical music did less barking, slept more and had slower heartbeats than the dogs who were exposed to heavy metal music.  Another interesting thing to note is that the dogs in the study stayed silent when they were being played classical music.  When there wasn’t any music playing at all, they were the noisiest.

So make sure you soothe your poodle with some Mozart and not metal music at home.  After all, life is stressful enough at home, and it is even more so for the animals at a shelter.  A shelter is a particularly difficult and stressful environment for a poodle, cat or other animal to contend with.  They are anxiously spending time in an unfamiliar place and their future is uncertain.  If Brahms, Bach and Mozart can calm them down there, it is a sure thing that is true for you at home, too.