Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle

What once may have been thought of as a ridiculous or an extravagant luxury is now a fact of life for many dog and poodle owners today.  All around the world, there are more and more Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle or dog or cat than ever before.

The reason for this is simple.  Today’s generation of poodle and pet owners are spending more money on their pets and are more concerned with better care than ever before.  Today’s poodle owner and dog owner are willing to fork over more cash to make certain that when they leave their beloved pet with a boarding facility or pet hotel, they are going to have the best care they can get.

poodle being groomed

Many pet hotels will offer grooming services for your poodle

The pet hotel business is booming according to a news story recently about Irion, a two story establishment in the city’s wealthy Gangnam district within the city of Seoul, South Korea.  Irion is a high class facility which is like a luxury hotel for dogs.  Dogs were mainly considered to be simply guard dogs or even food, for much of the past, but now, today’s younger generation of dog owners are willing to spend serious money on their pets.  This facility opened it’s doors to clients and their dogs in February 2011 and offers every service imaginable for the pooches.  They have a vet clinic in house, as well as grooming services, exercise rooms and a set of hotel rooms for the animals to sleep and stay in.

Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle


Here is a video about one such luxury hotel located in Canada is the Muzo Hotel.  This place, and many others like it, are the symbol of a new trend in pet watching or dog and cat boarding.  These are as much for the pet owner as they are for the pets themselves.  Besides room and board, many of these facilities offer extra perks and services.  Many of these dog hotels have 24 hour cams hooked up to the dogs hotel rooms which allow the owner to “check in” with their pets online to see how they are doing.  Take a look at the video below.



If you are looking for an alternative to a dog sitter or pet sitter, or if you are going for an extended stay somewhere and want to leave your poodle or cat somewhere where they will get the best treatment and stay possible, you will probably want to consider finding a Poodle hotel or dog hotel near you.

Now that there are so many Luxury Pet Hotels For Your Poodle that have cropped up over the last decade, you will probably be able to find one in your local area if you do a search on Google, or ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.