Fiona the Poodle was named Dog of the Year by ASPCA

Fiona the Poodle was named Dog of the Year by ASPCA.  “Fiona” was the little white poodle that was rescued earlier this year from a trash heap in South L.A. and was totally blind, hungry and scared.  Rescue workers discovered this poodle and the incredibly touching video was made to document the events of that day.  You can see our original post about Fiona’s rescue here.

Thanks to the many people who shared the story, word of this amazing rescue and of the difficult road ahead for this scared and blind little poodle traveled all of the web quickly.  This made it possible for public awareness to spread and Fiona got the help she needed from many donations to help fund the surgery needed to restore the sight in one eye.

Take a look at the follow up video about Fional, the amazing and resilient little poodle who would not give up.  This story brings a tear of joy to my heart and I am happy to be able to share it with our readers here.



There are many stories similar to that of Fiona but I am very happy that Fiona the Poodle was named Dog of the Year by ASPCA.  She deserves the attention and the recognition.  I wish that dogs would never, again, end up in some trash heap, abandoned and left to die.  But fortunately, for many, they are rescued and are shown the kind of love that they deserve.

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