Getting Your Poodle Vaccinated For Kennel Cough

There was a question posed by a reader, asking whether or not Getting Your Poodle Vaccinated For Kennel Cough was something that should be done, even though the dog does not get boarded. The person asking about vaccinations for her poodle raised the point that even though she did not board her dog or have her going to a dog day care facility, frequent grooming visits posed a general risk. Even though a grooming establishment may be spotless and kept very clean, the large number of other dogs that are coming in daily raises the question of safety for any dog owner, due to the high volume of dogs coming and going to the groomer.

Poodle at the vet

Poodle getting a checkup at the vet

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I face the same question at my hospital from time to time. Groomers are sometimes in private settings and sometimes they are part of a veterinary hospital or a larger daycare and boarding facility. I believe that the fair way to look at vaccinating for kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica) is the potential risk for exposure.

All vaccines should be judiciously given to patients based on what is in their best interest considering what they may be exposed to. In my opinion, a dog-grooming facility is a potentially high-risk place where contagious diseases, both viral and bacterial, may be present despite how clean and well kept the location may be.

If the groomer is in the same building as daycare and boarding, then unquestionably this vaccine should be administered along with vaccines for distemper and rabies as a bare minimum. I also feel that this vaccine should be given to dogs that visit any other grooming facility as well. Why not try to prevent a miserable cough that can persist for weeks, make the dog uncomfortable and potentially lead to a worsening problem? Plus the dog would need to be isolated and probably medicated, even if only with a cough medication.

Getting Your Poodle Vaccinated For Kennel Cough may be the right choice for most of you reading this, as it is far better to be safe than sorry. I am usually against getting too many vaccinations for my poodle, Lucy, but in this case, it might not be a bad idea. Bordetella, also known as kennel cough, can cause health issues for your dog, but it is non lethal and many people make the choice not to vaccinate. I am not advocating you get your poodle the bordetella vaccine, but just look at the pros and cons, the benefits and risks, and make your own decision based on the facts, as well as the research and the experience of others.

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