Picture Perfect Poodles – How to take better photos of your poodle

We love our pets and most of us love to look at and take pictures of our beloved furry family members.  Here are some ideas and tips on how to take better photos of your poodle or dog.

First of all, set aside a special time and place for your photos.  It doesn’t do any good if you try to take the photos when it’s hectic at home and you have guests or kids running around.  The dog will be distracted and it will be very tough to get him or her to sit quietly and pose nicely for you.

After a walk or when your pup is just sitting quietly on the couch or the bed could be a great time to just go in the other room, grab your camera and begin your photo shoot.  When your poodle or your dog is quiet and resting, you can usually get a good picture since your pooch will be restful and in a low key state.

photo of a poodle

This was taken of Lucy, my poodle, without using the flash

Try to have good ambient lighting in the room if not natural sunlight so you will not have to use flash.  Flash is great for certain things, but when you take shots of your poodle, especially close up photos, the eyes will almost always be red.  To avoid the red-eye, just use a setting on your camera that will not set off the flash.

Sometimes, just starting by gently petting your dog will calm him or her down and allow you to create a mood of calm.  Then, with the camera right there next to you, you can just grab it and go right into taking a few shots in between petting.

Sometimes, it might be tricky to get his or her attention, so have an easy trick in mind and a few treats stowed away in your back pocket.  Do the trick once or twice and treat after the trick.  Then, try to do the trick again and while your poodle is waiting for the next treat or the next reward, you can usually get a good picture while your dog is patiently waiting at attention for that dog treat.

Timing is important, of course.  Often, a great pose will present itself but the dog will turn it’s head suddenly and all is lost.  Just try again and pretty soon your timing will become better and you will get that great shot!