In China and Korea, your poodle or dog would be eaten

Each and every day, poodles and dogs of all kinds are slaughtered for food and it is absolutely barbaric. It’s not just that they are killed, but they are brutally killed and even tortured. It is believed by these cultures that if the dogs are terrified, the rush of adrenaline will cause the meat to taste better.
If you dare, watch this video on the dog meat trade in Korea. Perhaps it will raise awareness so that we can be a voice for these animals and help to put a stop to this by changing the laws regarding the treatment of dogs in China and Korea.

The United States has it’s share of problems and we are not perfect as a society either. However, I am glad that we don’t view dogs and poodles and cats as dispensable items to be put on the chopping block for someone’s dinner.
Please share this with other poodle and dog owners and dog lovers. People should be aware of what is going on, even if it is disturbing.