John Steinbeck’s Travels Across America With His Poodle

If you are looking for a great book to read this spring or any time for that matter, grab a copy of “Travels With Charley”, a great book about John Steinbeck’s Travels Across America With His Poodle.  The well-known American author, John Steinbeck, gives an intimate portrait of America as he travels across the country with his only companion, his Standard Poodle, Charley.


As one reader commented in a review for, he gives the following observations:

It is about John Steinbeck’s trip across America. He begins in New York, drives up through Maine, across the midwest, through Montana to Washington, down the Pacific Coast, through Texas and finally through the American southeast. He was 58 when he took this trip, and his only companions were his loyal dog Charley and trailer Rocinante. I appreciated the way that Steinbeck respected Charley, gave him human characteristics, and looked for Charley’s observations on mankind as well as his own.

Another glimpse into this classic book is from and the following commentary comes from that website:

Long before anyone talked about gap years, John Steinbeck left his desk, hopped in a car with his French poodle and set out to see what he could see. The result was Travels With Charley: In Search Of America,  first published 50 years ago and still an evocative account of a Nobel Prize-winning author and his time adrift.
Some books inspire you to hit the road; others tell you exactly how to do it. Here’s a collection of books that may shape your thinking about your own gap-year adventures.

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If you are a poodle owner or poodle lover and a lover of great books, then reading “Travels With Charley”, John Steinbeck’s Travels Across America With His Poodle is a must read.

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