Adopting a poodle or pet should be affordable to seniors

Adopting a poodle or pet should be affordable to seniors.  Many senior citizens love to have a poodle or another type of dog as a companion.  Just because a person is an elder man or woman, that does not mean they should be excluded from caring for a pet.

senior with poodle

Seniors should be able to enjoy and care for a poodle like this one

But sometimes, people just can’t come up with the extra cash to cover the adoption fee, whether it is $50 or $100.  This not only limits the number of seniors who wish to adopt, but also the number of pets that are going to find a home.  What happens to all of the dogs that cannot find a home?  Many of them have to be put to sleep, which is a serious concern for those who love animals.

But now, a new program in Burlington County, PA has allowed the pet adoption fees to be waived for seniors who wish to adopt. had the following to report about this new program designed to help seniors with limited means adopt a pet.

“The Free Pets for Seniors programs is off to a good start, with about a half-dozen adoptions so far under the program,” said John Richardson, one of the shelter’s adoption advocates and, in my experience, a very good egg. The work is important to him, and John seems to have a soft spot not only for the animals, but for humans, too. That’s not always the case with rescuers. We humans can be a handful.
“As you know, cats and small dogs are popular with seniors, and seniors can often provide the ideal, quiet homes that many animals prefer and do best in. But I should also mention that a larger, energetic dog went to a home with an octogenarian who runs every day and looks amazing. … It is one of those stories that remind you why you deal with all the stress and sorrow.”
A solid match based on what was best for animal and human. Yay!
In addition to the completed adoptions, the shelter staff is noticing “an appreciable uptick in inquiries, and (we) have great hopes that this will prove to be another highly successful adoption promotion that will benefit both our animals and some great adopters,” John said.
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As we know, there are so many positive benefits to owning and caring for a little poodle, dog or cat and for seniors, it can make all the difference in the world.  Besides having the company and companionship these animals bring, the benefits to the health of people who care for a dog include getting more exercise and lowering blood pressure and stress levels.
Adopting a poodle or pet should be affordable to seniors and to anyone who wants to care for a pet.  I am happy to report that this new program will help those seniors who want to adopt a loving animal companion.