Poodle and dog-friendly hotels that let your pet stay for free

I don’t know of too many poodle owners and dog owners that want to leave their pets behind when taking a family vacation or a road trip.  If you do take your poodle or pup with you, chances are you will have a tough time finding a place that allows pets and you will have to pay extra fees.  Sometimes those fees can be pretty hefty.


Lucy the poodle

Lucy, the poodle, is always up for a road trip!

But, my fellow dog owners, there is good news.  Laura Goldman of ilovedogfreindly.com put together a list of the pet friendly hotels that allow dogs and do not charge a fee.  Here’s a list of the 4 hotel chains that you can bring you entire family, even the four legged ones.


Kimpton Hotels – The largest boutique hotel company in the U.S. charges no fees for pets, nor does it impose any size or breed restrictions in its nearly 50 hotels. Even extras like cozy dog beds, food bowls and gourmet treats are supplied free of charge. However, there is a fee for special pet packages that include services like pet massage and doggie pedicures. “Our creative packages and complimentary amenities add value to each guest’s hotel stay and ultimately set the stage for stress-free pet travel,” Steve Pinetti, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ senior vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release.


La Quinta – Dogs up to 50 pounds are welcome and stay for free at more than 700 La Quinta hotels nationwide. When you make a reservation online, write a note in the “Special Requests” field indicating you’ll be bringing your pooch; when booking by phone, let the representative know you’re traveling with your dog.


Motel 6 – This budget-friendly chain was also a pet-friendly pioneer. Along with leaving the light on for you, Motel 6 will welcome your pooches “unless they pose a health or safety risk or are prohibited by law,” according to its website. Be sure to declare your dog when you check in.


Red Roof Inns – “You stay happy, pets stay free!” this chain assures its guests. More than 345 Red Roof Inns in 36 states welcome one pet per room, with no additional charges. You must declare your dog when you register. “Just because you’re furry, shouldn’t mean you have to spend the night in the car,” notes RedRoofLuvs Pets, the chain’s Facebook page dedicated to its fur-legged guests. Be aware that due to local laws, only service dogs are allowed at Red Roof Inns in Oxon Hill, Md.; Flushing, N.Y.; and Pigeon Forge, Tenn.


Read more from this article here: http://www.ilovedogfriendly.com/2011/08/4-hotel-chains-dogs-stay-free/#.UUsATVtAT2A


Traveling is too much fun not to be able to share your trip with your poodle or dog.  Finding a place to stay where you can bring your pet with you shouldn’t be so hard.

If you have stayed in a hotel or motel that allowed pets, let us know which one it was.  Share it with us by leaving a comment below this post.


Don’t leave a poodle in a hot car

Summer is in full swing in the US and here in New Jersey, it’s sweltering, with temperatures hitting the upper 80s and in the 90s as well.  Do I even need to suggest to those of you poodle and dog owners, that you don’t leave a poodle in a hot car, or do I?

poodle in a car

This dog might be crying for help in a hot car


Don’t leave a poodle in a hot car

Some of you would be surprised at how often and how many people actually do.  I can hear the excuses now.  People will say things like, “but I was only going in the store for 3 minutes to get milk” or “I left my poodle a bowl of water and cracked open the windows.”  Those excuses are pretty pathetic, when you consider the consequences of even a 3 minute wait in a hot car.

Maybe some of you are not quite sure how quickly a car heats up or how much hotter it is inside the car than outside.  A dog does not have the same ability to keep itself cool like we do.  They cannot tolerate the heat as well or for as long a time.  Watch the video below and you will begin to understand that you will cook your dog if you do plan to leave it in the car even for a few minutes.  Note that the temperature referred to in the video of 38 degrees Centigrade is actually around 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now watch this video!


If you are going to be traveling with your poodle, make sure you have someone with you who can take the dog out of the car when you make stops.  Otherwise, keep your poodle tied up in the shade and limit your trip inside stores to just a very short time, which should not exceed 5 minutes.  The best thing is not to take your dog with you if the temperature is hitting the upper 80s or 90s Fahrenheit.  It is just not safe.  Above all, don’t leave a poodle in a hot car ever, even for a minute!

A very recent story about a woman who found a dog in a car in New Mexico, had called 911, along with the animal services department, but would not wait for them to show up.  She broke the glass and rescued the dog, who most likely would have died in the heat inside that car.  According to the examiner.com, the woman saved the dog’s life and was actually praised by the dog’s owner for doing what she did.

Susanne Jones called 911, and then the city’s animal services department after seeing the dog lay down on the car floor, apparently too overheated to bark at the barely cracked window anymore.

But Jones did not stop at the phone calls.

After forty minutes of waiting for help to arrive, she used a tool to break out the car’s rear window to allow the dog to get life-saving fresh air.

Original story found here

The woman was a hero for saving the pup’s life, as it surely would have soon died in that oppressive heat.  I would have probably done the same thing, if I ran across a dog in a hot car like that.

What would you do if you saw a car with a dog inside in the heat of the summer?

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