Smart Poodle Learning Several Tricks

Poodles are not only very beautiful and cute, they are also extremely intelligent. They are eager to please and are often quick learners. They have a strong memory for things and learning tricks is a practice that many poodles enjoy and excel at.

Take a look at this adorable little miniature poodle practicing many complicated tricks including a backwards figure eight!

I think you can teach a poodle to do almost any trick with the right guidance and some tasty treats! This little poodle really seems to want to please and learn. If I could just get Lucy to fetch my morning coffee, that would be super cool!


Adorable Poodle Doing Tricks

This week for our video, we found a short video of an adorable poodle doing tricks that included rolling out the red carpet and dancing up a storm.

Here’s cutie pie, the little white miniature poodle doing her tricks for the camera last fall.  Enjoy!



Diva, the happy poodle doing her tricks

I love this video of Diva, the happy poodle doing her tricks. Watch this poodle just having a great time
doing some pretty neat tricks.

Should poodles be allowed in the olypics?


Amazing Poodle that plays piano, guitar and does tricks

Here is one cute and intelligent poodle. Check out this cute and amazing Poodle that plays piano, guitar and does tricks.  It is already a better piano player than some kids I have heard!  Check out the video and see what you think.

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Talented poodle that plays piano and sings

We know how smart poodles are, don’t we?  They are one of the smartest breeds of dogs, but you may be amazed at this video of a talented poodle that plays piano and sings.  

Did this poodle take some lessons or did he just discover how much fun it is to plunk out a tune on the family room piano?  It’s really funny to watch this poodle sing and play, not just hit a couple keys.  Maybe he is doing ear training for poodles.  Watch and enjoy this video of this cute and talented poodle that plays piano and sings.   It is sure to bring a smile to your face.



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The Poodle Who Does Back Flips – (Video)

Just when you think you’ve seen every trick under the sun, sometimes there’s a Poodle who comes along and totally surprises you.  Have you seen this video of The Poodle Who Does Back Flips on a trampoline?  I think you are going to enjoy it!

The Poodle Who Does Back Flips – (Video)


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Piano Playing Poodle

I find these kinds of videos irresistible to share, so here is an adorable one of a Piano Playing Poodle.   I am not only a poodle lover and poodle owner, but also a musician and piano tuner, so I got a kick out of this one.

The 2nd most intelligent dogs in the world are our Poodles!  This little video of a woman teaching her young poodle to play the piano (even though it’s only a toy piano) goes a long way towards proving that.  Watch the Piano Playing Poodle.


Even Poodles take piano lessons!



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