Thousands of Poodles, dogs to be beaten and eaten in Yulin Dog Eating Festival

I have a really weird and silly question for you.  Would you beat, torture and eat your poodle for fun at a public festival?  I didn’t think so, but what about a dog that doesn’t belong to you?  Well, I know that you shudder to even think about that possibility as do I.  But it is actually the case in China at the Yulin Dog Eating Festival in China.

Dogs like Lucy, our Poodle, are eaten as a part of the dog eating festival every year in Yulin, China

There is a sad reality about the way that dogs are treated in the Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang region of China.  On June 21, 2013, another yearly tradition of a Dog Eating Festival began to the dismay of concerned and loving dog and poodle owners like ourselves.

Some animal rights organizations have claimed that tens of thousands of dogs are slaughtered each year for this so-called festival.  Many dogs are electrocuted, burned and even skinned while alive.

China has no animal welfare laws such as the ones in effect in the United States and other nations.

What can people do who are opposed to this kind of animal cruelty on such a huge scale?  There are a number of petitions we can sign online to help get the message to those in the Chinese government.  We can let them know of that this kind of treatment of animals is unacceptable and that it is time to end this dog-torturing food culture that deems dogs like our beloved poodles and other dogs just a piece of meat that can me maimed at will just for food.


Here are links to some of the petitions being circulated on the web:


If we all sign these and get our animal loving friends and fellow poodle and dog owners to sign, we might just be a little closer to putting a stop to this barbaric practice and take a big step closer to ending this dog cruelty in China once and for all.


New legislation is re-introduced to help cut down on puppy mill poodles and dogs

Most poodle owners know better than to ever get a dog from a pet store or a puppy mill.  But sometimes, an un-suspecting and well intentioned person can obtain a puppy through the internet that has it’s origins in one of these dreadful puppy mills.


Lucy was a rescue, not a puppy mill poodle

Puppy mills are still a serious problem in the US and there is a connection between the internet and puppy mills that allow this substandard industry to continue and to thrive.  Hopefully, some new legislation that has been introduced once more into the senate will help to close a loophole that is present within the system.

Here’s more on this story from a very good article we found at


This week two senators reintroduced legislation that would help protect thousands of dogs around the U.S. who are  suffering in puppy mills by regulating breeders who sell directly to the public.

The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act, sponsored by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), will close a loophole in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that currently allows thousands of breeders to sell directly to the public via the Internet, phone or mail without any oversight.

Under current laws, only breeders who sell to pet stores and brokers are regulated and inspected by the USDA, and even they are only required to provide the most basic care.

The PUPS Act will close this loophole and bring all commercial breeders under federal oversight by requiring any breeder who sells, or tries to sell, more than 50 dogs annually to be licensed and inspected. It will also add a requirement that dogs get exercised, or allowed access to an exercise area, for at least 60 minutes every day.

“As the ASPCA has seen firsthand, the photos of happy, healthy puppies posted on a breeder’s website often grossly misrepresent what conditions are really like for these puppies and their parents,” said Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “Puppy mills are able to completely evade federal oversight by taking advantage of a pre-Internet loophole in current law, but the PUPS Act would change that.”

Read more from this article here:


We always try to educate the public with articles, posts or videos that help the people who are not yet aware of the situation with puppy mills and how bad they really are.


Here is a video that shows just how awful a puppy’s life can be when it is subjected to one of these places.  In almost all cases, a dog’s life at a puppy mill is a living hell. Let’s all contribute to spreading the news about puppy mills and get them all closed down once and for all.  Poodles and dogs of all kind deserve better!




Poodles make excellent therapy dogs

The warmth and comfort of a dogs loving touch can calm and soothe the body, mind and spirit of a person.  Millions of poodle owners and pet owners know just how healing it can be to have a quiet cuddle with your four legged furry friend.

poodle with an elderly woman

Poodles make excellent therapy dogs

But on another level, a real trained therapy poodle or dog can provide those in need with a life changing experience that can really help to boost spirits that so desperately need some extra love and comfort.  Those challenged with being bed ridden in hospitals or those dealing with life changing disabilities and enduring hardships get a special kind of a boost from therapy dogs and service dogs.

Therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes and they bring a wonderful gift of love with them everywhere they go.  By holding, petting and just seeing the loving eyes of a therapy poodle or therapy dog, a person can feel loved and comforted in a way that is genuinely healing to them.

Therapy dogs are an important part of many institutions like schools and hospitals or nursing homes.  In most cases, these institutions require that the therapy animals have passed the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test, as well as having had special training.

While many different sizes and breeds of dogs have been used as therapy dogs, a small dog, like the miniature poodle, can be ideal.  A large dog like a Golden Retriever or a Labrador may be too big to sit on a person’s bed.  People like smaller dogs for that reason and they can easily be picked up ad placed at an elderly persons bedside so the patient can pet or play with the dog.

The Poodle is a perfect candidate for being a therapy dog.  It is one of the most intelligent of all of the breeds of dogs and it is a quick learner.  Many poodles are therapy dogs and even a few have been employed by the Japanese police force as worker dogs.

They are both beautiful and smart, as well as hypoallergenic, so they are a great breed for those who are sensitive or suffer from allergies.

The standard poodles and the smaller ones have been used both in hospitals as well as many school programs.  One such poodle is a white standard poodle named Ariel, who assists in reading programs and comforts students at Rodriquez Elementary School in Harlingen, Texas.

While Lucy, our beloved gray miniature poodle is not trained to be a therapy dog, she provides the members of this humble household with the loving comfort only a dog can offer.  It’s the simple gift of love that can change a person’s life in the most magical way.




Poodles, pups and other mutts walk on Washington with Cesar Milan

Poodles, pups and other mutts walk on Washington with Cesar Milan. This past Saturday, Cesar Milan gathered many poodle and dog owners to walk on Washington to raise money and raise awareness.  He quoted Ghandi who said a nation can be judged by the way it’s citizens treat their animals.

Dogs need more than love, Cesar said. They need exercise, discipline and love.  And it’s okay to spoil them once and a while, too!  We love and adore our sweet poodle, Lucy!


Poodles are being transformed into different types of animals

There is a trend happening in the poodle grooming world where, with the use of colored dyes and special shearing techniques, Poodles are being transformed into different types of animals.

The question comes to mind, whether or not this qualifies as a living art or animal cruelty. Poodles are dyed green, pink, purple and other exotic colors and then are trimmed and clipped to look like everything from Yoda (from “Star Wars”) to pandas, camels, horses and other animals.

But there are some objections to this practice. As a way of promoting breast cancer awareness, a white miniature poodle named Cici, was dyed pink by a Boulder, Colorado groomer. The woman, Joy Douglass, received a $1000 ticket from an animal control officer who responded to complaints from people who saw the pink poodle and were not pleased.

Sometimes poodles have been dyed the colors and emblems of sports teams just for a weekend game and others have been dyed extreme designs or styles that border on the absurd.

Take a look at this youtube video on dying poodles different colors and styles.

I am reserving judgement here, but would love to know your opinions. Is dying a poodle and clipping it to look like a bumble bee, panda bear or camel cruel or creative? Please leave your opinions below in the comments section. The debate rages on about the way that Poodles are being transformed into different types of animals.


A Poodle is one of several dog breeds that do not shed

Did you know that a Poodle is one of several dog breeds that do not shed at all?  It is one of the many characteristics that make the standard, toy and miniature poodle such a great dog to have.  Poodles are one of the top non-shedding breeds of dogs  along with such breeds as Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise and several other breeds.

poodle being clipped and groomed

This poodle does not seem to mind being groomed

Besides the fact that they really don’t shed at all, they have hair, and not fur.  This also makes for the fact that they are hypoallergenic dogs.  They are much a much better breed of dog to have in homes where people are prone to allergies.

A poodle has thick hair, which, if they do shed slightly, the hair usually stays in the coat.  They do need to be brushed often and daily if at all possible.  This will keep the coat in good shape, and avoid getting matted.

Poodles also need to be bathed and groomed every four to six weeks, usually, or at least every 8 weeks at the most.  There are several kinds of cuts or clips which you can get for your pup.  Some are the puppy clip, lamb clip or the teddy bear clip.  There are also the well known show clips, known as the English saddle clip and the Continental clip.  This is where most of the body is shaved close and there are pom palms at the tail’s ends and puffy bracelets around the legs nearest to the paws.

If you are considering a dog and are not sure of which kind of a dog to get, consider a poodle, whether it be a mini, toy or a standard.  Not only is a Poodle is one of several dog breeds that do not shed, but they are super intelligent, easy to train, great with kids and they are great with people who suffer from allergies to dander.  As wonderful as golden retrievers and labs are, you will be picking up fur and hair all day long.


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Poodles and other service dogs are a great help to the vets

Poodles are known for their intelligence and are often the chosen breed to mix with other dog breeds for hypoallergenic reasons.  They often make great service dogs for those people with special needs, such as those who are visually handicapped.


woman with a poodle

A little love from a poodle can be the best medicine you can get

Poodles and other service dogs are a great help to the vets

But dogs are great for those coming back from Afghanistan and for PTSD veterans.  They are a great boon to those with psychological problems, sleep disorders and trauma associated with their experiences fighting abroad.

This, from is an excerpt from an article about the use of service dogs with veterans who suffer from PTSD and other difficulties.

Guide dogs are well-established as invaluable assistants for those who are blind, and increasingly service dogs are being used by people with other sorts of physical disability. But they can also be a boon for people suffering from psychological difficulties. The Dutch Service Dog Foundation (Hulphond Nederland) has, for the first time, placed a dog with a veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Soldiers often see and experience terrible things when deployed in conflict zones. But the nature of their work means they tend not to complain or talk about these experiences when they get back home. And that can lead to serious problems as service men and women struggle to re-adjust to ‘normal’ life with memories of death and violence still haunting them.
American organisations are experienced in placing dogs with traumatised veterans according to Eric Bouwer, director of Hulphond Nederland. “A Dutch veteran told us about the use of service dogs for soldiers, and that got us interested. We looked very carefully at the Americans to see what dogs needed to learn to be helpful to people with PTSD and then got started. It’s a logical extension of the work we already do with service dogs”.

Read from the original article here


In a recent article in, a woman who was caring for her husband who has a serious medical disorder was stressed to the limits of her emotional well being.  She said the following:

“Her standard poodle “provided the emotional support when she was out of the house without her husband, that her husband used to provide,” Lieberman said.”

Above quote taken from the article here
Besides the fact that Poodles and other service dogs are a great help to the vets, they can offer the average person a way to cope with the day to day stress naturally and are so therapeutic as loving companions.  I know that a simple few moments spent petting my poodle, Lucy can make me feel better and it doesn’t cost a penny!

How does your pet help you in your day to feel less stressed or more loved?


Poodles are not food – Koreans protest the eating of dogs

This video is from some time ago, but it’s happening again. Koreans are protesting the inhumane treatment and slaughter of massive numbers of poodles, dogs and cats for food. I am against factory farming and the inhumane treatment of all farm animals, but it is particularly disturbing to see dog and cat farms where they are caged in filthy conditions and given rotten food to eat. Finally they are brutally slaughtered, often beaten and skinned while still alive. Is anyone else reading this outraged, yet?

Poodles are not food – Koreans protest the eating of dogs

While this may be very disturbing to some, it is necessary to get the word out. Many animal rights groups are protesting and calling for new legislation which will put an end to this barbaric treatment of cats and dogs in Korea. It is also a common practice in China as well.

What are your thoughts? Please post them below and let us know how you feel about this touchy subject.


“Pooh” the Poodle saved Nancy Jones’ life from a gas leak in her home

The latest story about a dog hero is one about how “Pooh” the Poodle saved Nancy Jones’ life from a gas leak in her home.  It is rather amazing how it happened, because it is nearly impossible for the poodle to have been able to get the leash by herself, as it was hanging about six feet high from the floor, on the wall.

While folding laundry, Nancy Jones from east Talladega, Alabama, felt lightheaded and dizzy.  She was unaware of a gas leak that could have been deadly.  Nancy is legally blind and her dog “Pooh” is her seeing-eye dog and best friend.

“Pooh” the Poodle saved Nancy Jones’ life from a gas leak in her home

Pooh came to the rescue by bringing her leash and harness to Nancy and urging her to get herself and Pooh out of the house.  It was later that she discovered that there had been a gas leak in her home that could have been disastrous.

“The next thing I know Pooh was nudging me to put on her leash, she went and got herself,”  Jones told ABC2 News.  “Brought it to me, made me put it on her and literally drug me out the front door.”

It wasn’t until after they were safely out of the house that Jones realized there was a gas leak in her home and that her dog Pooh had just saved her life.

Read more from the original article here

Here is a video from the ABC news story about this incredible rescue of Nancy Jones by her Poodle hero, “Pooh.”

ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

It is incredible how often we hear about dogs who rescue their owners from danger and trouble without a moments hesitation.  Many lives have been saved because of poodles and other dogs.  The fact that “Pooh” the Poodle saved Nancy Jones’ life from a gas leak in her home just goes to prove, once again, how amazing these dog heroes are again and again.