Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Poodle

If you are planning a vacation with your family and have a poodle or other pet, here are some Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Poodle.  Having a pet with you is very much like having a child and you should be prepared for any and every situation that can come up.

When you are packing your bags and making a checklist for that all important trip or vacation, make sure to make a separate checklist for your poodle or you may find yourself ill prepared to deal with some of the things that can come up during your trip.


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Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Poodle

Medicines – Before you travel, make a visit to your vet. You have to ensure if your pet is in good health before traveling. Also ask your vet to give you a list of medications that you may need when you are traveling. If your pet is on some medications make sure to pick up some refills.
Train your pet with the Kennel or Carrier – Before traveling, make sure you train your pet to be comfortable with the Kennel or Carrier. The kennel is the safest way for your pet to travel. It is mandatory in most flights to carry your pet in a carrier or a kennel. Also some hotels, would want you to keep your pet in the kennel when you are out of your room.
Food bowl and Can Opener – It is best to keep your pet on the same diet that he or she is accustomed to. It will prevent your pet from getting sick in the stomach. If your pet likes to eat canned food, then you should have an opener to feed him/her. Make sure you feed water regularly to keep your pet hydrated.
Cleaning supplies – Carry a good quality lint brush and some stain removers. Always clean up as much as you can before you leave a room.

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Other one of the more important Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Poodle is to keep a list of the local veterinarian offices near where you will be staying, as well as the name of any emergency vet or animal hospital in the vicinity.  Should something happen, you can at least know where to go in a hurry without having to look for a vet or emergency animal clinic at the last minute.

It is also a good idea to take down all of your poodle’s identification tag numbers and keep records of vaccinations with you when you travel.  And you should have another number or two of a pet-friendly hotel besides the one you have already booked, just in case.  Sometimes places overbook and you could be in for trouble without a backup plan for pet friendly lodgings.