Poodles and other service dogs are a great help to the vets

Poodles are known for their intelligence and are often the chosen breed to mix with other dog breeds for hypoallergenic reasons.  They often make great service dogs for those people with special needs, such as those who are visually handicapped.


woman with a poodle

A little love from a poodle can be the best medicine you can get

Poodles and other service dogs are a great help to the vets

But dogs are great for those coming back from Afghanistan and for PTSD veterans.  They are a great boon to those with psychological problems, sleep disorders and trauma associated with their experiences fighting abroad.

This, from rnw.nl is an excerpt from an article about the use of service dogs with veterans who suffer from PTSD and other difficulties.

Guide dogs are well-established as invaluable assistants for those who are blind, and increasingly service dogs are being used by people with other sorts of physical disability. But they can also be a boon for people suffering from psychological difficulties. The Dutch Service Dog Foundation (Hulphond Nederland) has, for the first time, placed a dog with a veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Soldiers often see and experience terrible things when deployed in conflict zones. But the nature of their work means they tend not to complain or talk about these experiences when they get back home. And that can lead to serious problems as service men and women struggle to re-adjust to ‘normal’ life with memories of death and violence still haunting them.
American organisations are experienced in placing dogs with traumatised veterans according to Eric Bouwer, director of Hulphond Nederland. “A Dutch veteran told us about the use of service dogs for soldiers, and that got us interested. We looked very carefully at the Americans to see what dogs needed to learn to be helpful to people with PTSD and then got started. It’s a logical extension of the work we already do with service dogs”.

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In a recent article in CNN.com, a woman who was caring for her husband who has a serious medical disorder was stressed to the limits of her emotional well being.  She said the following:

“Her standard poodle “provided the emotional support when she was out of the house without her husband, that her husband used to provide,” Lieberman said.”

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Besides the fact that Poodles and other service dogs are a great help to the vets, they can offer the average person a way to cope with the day to day stress naturally and are so therapeutic as loving companions.  I know that a simple few moments spent petting my poodle, Lucy can make me feel better and it doesn’t cost a penny!

How does your pet help you in your day to feel less stressed or more loved?


Labradoodle That Helps Prevent Deadly Allergy Attacks

The new best friend to a little 3 year old named Delanie is her loving service dog, who is a Labradoodle That Helps Prevent Deadly Allergy Attacks. Little Delanie has a severe allergic reaction to peanuts, which over 1.5 million people in the US suffer from and can be a real life threatening situation if she encounters even the slightest amount of air-borne particles of peanuts.

So, even if you try to keep your home safe from the cause of allergies like this, the tricky part is when you go out and about, while making sure the environment is safe for someone like Delanie. That is where this animal angel, the Labradoodle That Helps Prevent Deadly Allergy Attacks, comes into the picture.


A Labradoodle is a Labrador & Poodle Mix

OREGON, Ohio -

Around 1.5 million people in the United States are allergic to peanuts. It’s an allergy that can trigger a life-threatening reaction. One young girl from Oregon, Ohio is now relying on help from man’s best friend to protect her from peanuts.

Delanie Jahns is your typical 3-year-old who loves to play and is full of energy. But, she also is part of the 1% of children in the US with a peanut allergy. Three years ago, Delanie got a hold of a peanut butter cookie. It was a snack that almost took her life.

Since then, the Jahns family has adapted to the condition, making sure their home is peanut free, but the bigger challenge is going out in public.

Mom Jamie says, “Everything that is prepackaged has a blanket statement on it usually…there’s always a chance it could have traces of peanuts in it.”

That’s where Brie comes in. The 2-year-old Australian Labradoodle is the newest member of the Jahns family. Brie is a certified allergy alert service dog, specially trained to detect peanuts.

Brie trained at Angel Service Dogs in Colorado Springs for two years. After months of community fundraising, the Jahns came up with $15,000 needed to bring brie to Oregon.

This fall, the Jahns family spent a month at the Colorado facility, learning how to train the service dog and what signals indicate peanuts are nearby.

Brie is trained to detect everything from physical peanuts, to peanut oil, to even particles in the air.

We decided to put her to the test, hiding a peanut in a nearby yard. Moments later, Brie picked up on the scent, alerting the Jahns to the problem.


I think it is a remarkable thing for this little girl and her family, and it’s amazing how labradoodles and other service dogs can be trained to detect allergens that can be a potentially deadly threat to a little girl. I enjoyed reading this story about the Labradoodle That Helps Prevent Deadly Allergy Attacks.  I hope you found this story interesting too.  If you did, please share with others using Google + or Facebook Like button!  Thanks for reading.

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