The unconditional love your poodle has for you – Part Two

As a follow up to a previous post, about the unconditional love your poodle has for you, here is a trailer from a wonderful video about dogs and their story of unconditional love that is a part of their nature.  The movie offers a very personal and intimate look into the relationship between some notable and famous authors, designers, musicians and actors.

The video, called “My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story”, explores the very special bond that we have with our poodles and our dogs and if you haven’t yet seen it, I know you are going to really enjoy watching it and will probably want to get a copy of your own.  Here’s the trailer of the film all about the unconditional love your poodle has for you.

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The unconditional love your poodle has for you

To me, the most incredible thing about having a poodle is the unconditional love your poodle has for you.  This is true about just about every dog I have known or heard about.  When my poodle greets me every day, it is as if she hasn’t seen me in weeks and gets as excited as can be.

I can leave the house for 20 minutes or an hour and come back and get the same excited and warm greeting all over again.  Our poodles and dogs give us so much in return.  Whenever we call their name or look right into their eyes, the spark of love begins to fill the room and I can just feel the connection between my wonderful little poodle and myself strengthen.

woman with her poodle

The unconditional love our poodles have for us is inspiring

The unconditional love your poodle has for you

Naturally, no two poodles or two dogs are alike.  Sometimes people will adopt a stray or a shelter animal as a pet and it is not as social or friendly towards everyone the same way.  Some dogs require a little more than others but in general, dogs have an extraordinary capacity to show unconditional love for their companions than practically any human being can.

Dogs also show unconditional love when we get upset with them. They might put their head down and realize what they did was wrong. They might then come up to you and lick your face or give you their paw to show you that they are extremely sorry for what they have done. Maybe your dog is lying in your favorite chair or sitting area that you would like to sit in. You ask him or her to move and your dog obediently does what you want them to. They move to another resting area without any complaint whatsoever.

We might call their name and our dog comes running up to us, wagging his or her tail wildly. They are showing us how much they care and how happy they are that you are giving them some kind of attention.

Sometimes we might just dismiss or take for granted the unconditional love that our dog shows us constantly. We should always be aware of it and show how much we do appreciate it because one day our dog might not be there waiting for us at the door because God has decided to take him or her. You do not want to have any regrets so take the time out to show your dog the unconditional love that he or she has shown you.

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Poodles and dogs of all breeds also are our protectors and warn us of intruders and people who come up to our door before they even knock or ring the bell.  I have read many real stories of dogs who have been truly life savers and heroes, warning people of a fire in the middle of the night and saving entire households and families who might have been killed in their sleep.

There are also stories of bravery far beyond the imagination such as the dog who took a bullet by getting in between a would-be robber and it’s human companion and owner.  Many times, a dog will happily risk it’s life to save the life of it’s owner or friend.  The loyalty and deep love our pooches have for us is truly miraculous.

There was a story in 2008 of a poodle-mix who saved a baby’s life that it had found left in the frigid cold in Canada.  The story about Peeka, the Lhasa Apso-Poodle appeared in goodnewsblog.


Peeka, a five-year-old Lhasa Apso poodle, began to whine and bark incessantly at the back door of the family home on the morning of Feb. 3, 2007. Peeka would not let up until owner Ed Anderson decided to look outside and see whether there was a reason for the animal’s outburst.

There on the back porch, in the –29 C weather, Anderson spotted a sleeping infant girl, wrapped in a towel and a comforter.

Anderson called police while his wife, a registered nurse, cared for the baby.

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Stories like this and many more come to mind when we think of how selfless and compassionate our poodles and our canine companions can be.

How do you feel about the unconditional love your poodle has for you and in what ways does your dog show it?  How are you grateful for your dog and how will you show your love for your poodle or dog today?

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