Video Tribute To Poodles

I thought I would share this fun Video Tribute To Poodles, which l saw on youtube.  The music is a touch too heavy for my taste but it’s a great video slide show featuring all different kinds of poodles, big, small, medium and in just about every color.

Poodles are an incredible breed, and, although they originated in Germany, they are the national dog of France.  They are a very popular breed all around the world, especially in the United States, where I live.  Poodles have been around for centuries and have long been a favorite breed of dogs in much of Europe, where it was the principal pet dog of Spain during the 18th century.

Poodles are very intelligent and are eager to please.  They have been known for their agility and their ability to be trained.  Poodles have won awards at many of the dog shows including “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show both in 1991 and 2002, and at the World Dog Show in 2007 and 2010.

Video Tribute To Poodles

Here is what wikipedia had to say about the Poodle and their temperament overall.

Of note is this breed’s keen sense for instinctive behavior. In particular, marking and hunting drives are more readily observable than in most other breeds. Even Toys will point birds. Classified as highly energetic, Poodles can also get bored fairly easily, and have been known to get creative about finding mischief. Poodles like to be in the center of things and are easily trained to do astonishing tricks involving both brains and agility. They have performed in circuses for centuries, beginning in Europe, and have been part of the Ringling Circus in its various forms from its inception. The Grimaldis, the famous British clowns Kenneth and Audrey Austin, “developed a stronger circus act” with a clever Poodle named ‘Twinkle,’ the success of which allowed them to continue performing even as octogenarians.”

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The Poodles are Coming! The poodles are Coming!

The Poodles are Coming! The Poodles are Coming!

Hope you are ready for an exciting week because the poodles are coming!  The poodles are coming!  Indeed, the National Poodle Club of America will host their annual Dog Show featuring all three varieties of poodles: Toy, Standard and Miniature!  What makes this event particularly interesting and a must see is that it consists of a full week of festivities celebrating every aspect of our beloved poodle and it is absolutely free!  Check out this article by Josh Davis featured on the site, which details the upcoming festivities.

The poodles are Coming! The poodles are Coming!

The 80th Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Dog Show is set to feature hundreds of poodles from all over the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Barbara Furbush, the assistant show chairwoman, has been involved with the event since 1995 and believes the breed’s versatility has a lot to do with its enduring popularity…"

On Monday, all three varieties will compete in agility contests, complete with weave poles, tunnels and jumps, and on Tuesday, the dogs will take on obedience and rally obedience trials.

Youngsters ages 8-18 will be able to compete in the Junior Showmanship contest Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday, the event will feature judging for the titles of Winner’s Bitch, Best of Variety and Best in Show, respectively.

Furbush said for the owners and their dogs, the long day begins at 5:30 a.m.

"First you exercise your dog, which means a good lengthy walk," she said. "Then, feeding and exercise again, and then you start brushing the poodle and getting all the curls out of the coat — it takes at least two hours for that — and that’s followed with a lot of scissoring and then combing to get each hair to lay exactly like you have trimmed it. It is like sculpturing a piece of ice, or maybe you could relate it to carving a duck, except here you are working with a live animal that is used to being worked on and pampered."

For the general public, the show opens at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. each day.

"Poodles –no matter how much they are groomed — are like movie stars," Furbush said. "Movie stars are real people that have different personalities, and for the most part live normal lives. So do these poodles. They love to retrieve and play with their toys, and are very eager to please and are not stubborn in any way. You just have to let them know what you want, and make sure you are consistent in training."

The poodles are coming!  The poodles are coming! Can you feel the excitement as I do?  Truly if you have the time and are interested in knowing more about the beloved poodle and actually see them in rare form or better yet, if you have a poodle that you would like to showcase and share their talents with others, what a great opportunity.

If by chance you cannot make it to Salisbury this week, but are interested in the poodle community, or maybe have a poodle that you would like to introduce us to, I encourage you to do so here on this site.  We welcome everything that is poodle! 

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Toy Poodles Make Excellent Pets

Toy Poodles Make Excellent Pets and are still a favorite breed among many dog owners and families around the world.  They are cute, sweet and very intelligent and most are easily trained.  They were originally trained in Europe and were used as both water retrievers as well as truffle finding dogs.  You can read more about this unique and favorite breed below from an article in and why Toy Poodles Make Excellent Pets.

toy poodle

This is a small toy poodle taking a little rest from playing

Although Poodles are usually associated with France, the breed actually originated in Germany several hundred years ago. The breed was originally used as water retrievers and they were hunting dogs.  Poodles today still tend to enjoy the water and are good retrievers. Some people even hunt with their Poodles today. The Toy Poodle appeared in England by the 18th century and they have been popular ever since.

Although the Standard Poodle appeared first, the Toy or Miniature Poodle was used as a truffle-finding dog in England, Spain, and Germany, where truffles were considered to be a great delicacy. The small dogs had a great nose and excelled at finding the truffles in the woods. The small dogs were also favored because they didn’t trample the truffles as they searched for them.
While Toy Poodles were popular in England in the 18th century, there is evidence to suggest that the small dogs were popular in France long before they came to England. Paintings from France and Spain show that the small dogs were popular there probably in the 15th and 16th centuries.

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It is easy to see why Toy Poodles Make Excellent Pets and if you have one, just be sure to keep up with regular grooming and brushing of it’s coat.  They love to please and do tricks and are really great pets.  There are some differences between the toy poodle and the miniature poodle but they are both wonderful companions and usually travel well.